Warlord's Fighting style infusion





Its all started from the @Whoot’s meme…As any my shit-posts are…

And so idea struck in my mind…I created studio document, created “background”

And then i left project for 2 weeks. :sleeper:

After some time (4-3 days ago), i went back to studio to make some animation. NOT THIS ONE, but rather about Iris, but my pc is so trash that i dont know why but its just shut itself whenever i try to do anything(Perhaps i’ll re-make it again someday?). After that i cam back to THIS animation and finished it withing 1 day. Yet moon animation suck because if you leave studio and rejoin it some parts of animation MIGHT break…yeah…


effects on the canonball look really nice bro :+1:

I agree.

The wizard be like: NANI

ayo warlord build :poggers2:

unrealistic, mages cannot cancel their spells, 0/10.

all jokes aside, very nice animation.

Seems like the mage’s reflexes weren’t sharp enough.


Stupendous animation, bravo!


Welcome to the forums. It’s great to have you here!

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Thank you!

Your welcome

words cannot describe how sick this looks!
nice job!