WARNING: Exploit is back

What this bug did was letting players freely take items from other’s inventory.

no one made a ticket about it yet surprisingly so idk if its really back or nah

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Kinda hard to make a ticket about it considering we need proof of owning them before it happened :sob:

oh crap guess i’m not playing for a while
i gotta keep my headless


Can they take from players who are in the Dark Sea? since you can’t trade there?

Here we go again

Ironic you’re the one being aware of an item in a virtual space

Though AO is one of the only like 3-5 good games on the platform

Is this at all confirmed?
Unlike the first time this happened, I am seeing 0 evidence.

i appreciate people actually sending reports but if anyone else has proof make a report ticket on the discord server

not confirmed, but it seems likely considering how many people are talking about it

First time I received video proof and I don’t have it this time so there might not be any

Not more restore tickets :sob:
Poor Night.

Proves that how much the exploit is being abused

No evidence of this being back btw. People spreading unnecessary fear atm


i’m only aware of the profit i can make with it
i can’t lose it i have big plans for what i’ll do with it once i see some endgame items that really catch my eye
either that or i’ll use it to scam people idk goes either way

yea I was also getting that idea.
when the exploit was actually here there were immediately a good 3 or 4 videos of it happening to people as proof.

nothing of the sort here.

there were a couple reports of people being rollbacked/items deleted but these fixed upon rejoin so was likely just a temporary roblox data issue


thank you MIMHERE! you are my FAVORITE tester! (say thank you) (please)

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