Warrior - Everything you need to know

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How to become The Warrior?

The last two guides covering stat builds have been incredibly deceptive; what business does anyone have with such crude styles of fighting as throwing rocks and throwing punches? If you want a build with real finesse, you’re in the right place.
All you gotta do to start is complete the Dawn Island storyline; you will obtain your first few levels, along with your first weapon: the Old Dagger. After you complete these steps, you want to open your Character menu, and put all your points into the button next to the bar labeled “Weapons” After this, the bar at the top of your UI should be yellow, like such:
The title under your name should also be “Novice Warrior” (cryo back me up on this please i dont actually know)

Here are builds involving this great stat:

Weapon-based Builds

  • Warrior - Full weapon (over 60% of stat points spent on it)
  • Knight - Weapon/Vitality (40% or higher of each)
  • Conjurer - Weapon/Magic (40% or higher of each)
  • Warlord - Strength/Weapons (40% or higher of each)

Savants are not included, their inability to choose an actual stat to focus on keeps their status as complete brutes; no better than a Berserker or Mage.

Why do I need these points?

Put simply, if you don’t put points into the Weapons stat, you’ll be stuck with that little dagger of yours the entire game. You won’t even be able to do anything with it! The more of your build you invest into Weapons, the higher the quality of the weapons you’ll be able to use will be, and by extension the skills you’ll have attached to these weapons. On a serious note, weapons have stat requirements: you must meet this requirement to use them. On top of this, every 30 or so stat points past the base requirement for that level, you’ll unlock another skill. Higher quality weapons, which tend to be ones with higher requirements, have more unlockable skills than those with lower quality.

What’s the benefits of Warriors?

To start, warriors can be much more versatile in terms of their builds. Sure, strength and magic users can modify their spells and techniques to whatever they desire. Weapons, however, can be swapped out at any time to adapt to a situation, unlike magics or fighting styles, which are permanent or have some sort of requirement or location needed. On top of this, the stats of weapon skills can be changed by equipping a different weapon of the same weapon type, allowing for even more customization. Thus, warriors can optimize their build for a specific playstyle, sacrificing flashy skills for increased effectiveness. On top of all this, warriors show their weaponry on their person, something that stat builds that do not use the weapon stat cannot do with their respective stats.

Here are some of the features you can expect with these builds:

  • Warrior: Weapon aura + increased stamina + artisan weapons

  • Knight: Boosted dmg in all stats + weapon aura + 10% dmg reduction, spirit weapons

  • Warlord: Fighting style infusion on weapons, scaling with weapon and strength stat, strength weapons, 2nd fighting style

  • Conjurer: Magic infusion on weapons, scaling with weapon and magic stat, arcanium weapons, 2nd magic



As you can see, the weapon stat is something that can and will fit into many builds, and it would be a crime to not invest in it (seriously, if you aren’t carrying a weapon i am going to shoot you on sight)

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You’re not a true warrior fan, you don’t know that warriors require 20 less points for the first skill and 10 less points for the second skill meaning that a warrior using poor weapons gets their first skill at level 5(10 points into weapons) and their second at level 25(50 points into weapons)

Mage>Berserker>Warden>Warrior :yawning_face:

even better, as you can see here warrior enthusiasts, you are able to attain skills at a faster rate than other build types

“faster rate than other build types”

Yea it’s faster
0 sp(level 1) basic m1 doesn’t matter cause bows and guns exist
10 sp(level 5) first skill x3
50sp(level 25) second skill x3
And since old weapons only have 2 skills you need average quality or higher to get 3 skills so
110 sp(level 65) first skill x3
150 sp(level 75) second skill x3
190 sp(level 95) third skill x3
We could possibly see 4th skill for sunken and poison tooth dagger since they’re good quality so
220 sp(level 110) x2(only sunken and ptd)

Wait this seems off
Inferno said sp when he meant level

You said it’s faster yet you put 150 for the second skill of an average quality when 150 is 6th skill on magic

No he meant sp, this is for AO

This is where we learned that you get every spell (not all options) at level 75

That means you unlock mode at level 75 which is completely incorrect
And hover(vefore it got turned into a lost) at level 60

Oh wait my bad, I forgot that vetex changed magic spell scaling

He might’ve changed it again after this, but I can’t remember anything about it besides this ss

x3 though, at the same level you’re getting the same amount of skills as magic

Nah this is right, I just completely forgot about the new scaling

This means vetex made things very equal and none of us realized this

(note: this is a semi-shitpost)

Warlock still winning :sunglasses:

Oh true I forgot about having three weapons

Doesn’t matter to me I’m doing all of these (except vit hybrids)