Was Calvus right?

I used to hate him because of his pussy ass boss fight where he flies around the room like a bitch, but then I read his wiki page. There I found out the he actually hated poor people, and if you’re a player with even a modicum of wealth you know how annoying and parasitic poor people are. Calvus knew the Tiberians were filthy money grubbing thieves and deserved nothing but the suffering they got. Unfortunately they managed to escape Ravenna, hopefully the mc will soon realize the error of their ways and hunt down the Tiberian traitors and bring balance back to the world.

What are y’all’s thoughts?


Calvus was right. The commoners are a parasite to the proper and honorable high society. Obviously, a purge is needed.

We also need to kill those Ravenna Deserters too! How dare they abandon their country and king in those dire times?! They must have been poor too!

I agree. The working class cause the most issues in our society and I think its time we put an end to it. Heil Calvus!

bro r u serious

My suggestion cant be worse than yours bro :skull:

Normalize jumping Tiberians. They don’t deserve rights

surely nothing bad will happen if we treat the entire working class badly and/or kill them

Oh absolutely, you offer them a little leeway and they take a mile. 500 galleon service for 100 galleons? I expect it to be like a 1000 galleon service. Honestly, the last time I encountered one of these disgusting, parasitic, filthy, MONKEYS I had to call in the Wind Mage immigration squad.

yes because i hate poor people too

Just a brief reminder of communication for everyone here on discussing the righteousness of a questionable dictator:

This is why we need :skull: as a reaction on the forums

Thought that was what the :st3: was for

my lawyer advised me not to comment on the situation

Surely not right? I mean what are they gonna do, throw their shit at us like a bunch of monkeys? Because that’s all they are. Monkeys.

We’re still talking about the Tiberians here right?

Uh yeah of course

Ok good cause you were rapidly approaching some bad territory

Noo I’ve got nothing against people of African descent

this is why I always destroy the rafts of those stranded “people” lost at sea, why should they be able to put their musty dirt covered appendages upon MY esteemed vessel? It simply makes no sense. They don’t even pay me any taxes, they just give me a fish (which I could easily catch on my own) as a “thanks.”

They shall all return to the depths which they crawled up from.