Wasted an hour making Ravenna theories

The eager part of myself that gets excited way too easily pulled through yesterday and now I made a document theorizing what could happen in arcane odyssey’s 4th chapter.
Time to see how many infractions I get for this. And no, I don’t use vetex’s Patreon.


I’ve wasted more time doing less so W

I really ffind interesting all the timeskips in AO storyline, really good for immersion, that time happened without the player

The biggest motivators to making this were

  1. With AO possibly releasing soon, the eagerness mentioned before pretty much forced me to move and do this

  2. This part of the story involving the mines is one I was pretty apprehensive about at first - and I’m still a little worried about how it’ll turn out now, but for the most part I’ve accepted the fact that you turn into a slave for a month

  3. AO has been very recondite for the past year so theorizing about it is fun

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Welcome back! Really interesting theories.

what timeskips have we experienced?

Can’t list them too lazy, ask some1 else

There was one near the beginning where some dudes grave becomes unkept, the one in the mines, but there might be others

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