Watch out forumers


i hardly play roblox anymore so i’ll be fine


You hardly do anything except play mega man

what do you mean play Mega Man when capcom hasn’t fucking released any new games for the franchise in 2 years

legacy collections do NOT fucking count

how the hell is this even possible? how is the chat api so manipulatible in such a way that moderation can be taken against you without your own input? like, i get forcing fake messages into the chat, but you’d think moderation would pick on the script that executed that message???

you must be new around here


so is it just these small weird games or can literally anybody get you banned even if it’s in a front page game

Small weird games
Unless a dev decides to go “you know what, fuck everyone who plays my game”
And adds this script

greenlegocats made a good video on what the situation is

well it has always been possible i even did it on my alt once but these guys really used bots

u can use script to make people say stuff without chat filter and spam report them till a bot gets them moderated

What do they even get out of this? Population control?

its used for beaming to ban the person they beamed aftewards

common roblox moderation L

Weren’t people getting warned/banned cause of charisma training in deepwoken because they were getting messages sent on their behalf? I never did charisma training so I’m not actually sure how it worked, but was that not a similar case

so is this or isnt this real because ive seen a lot of videos now and they all look perfectly real, it’d be pretty damn hard to fake several videos like that and a lot of sources have been tweeting about it, either way im not gonna risk it by playing untrustworthy games

its not fake
bc i have once bannned my friend on accident while testing require scripts in my server

nah i’ve played deepwoken, you have to actually say it but I’m pretty sure the sentence was
" You ever been to a Canor restaurant? The food’s pretty howlright."

10/10 moderation

welp time to retract