Water is not wet

Is water wet
  • Water is not wet
  • Water is wet

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Water can’t be covered with water so it can’t be wet. It doesn’t make sense.

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Depends on what is considered “wet”.
If it’s “covered in water”, then no, water isn’t wet.
If it’s “gets water on you when touched”, then yes, water is wet because when you touch it some of it remains on you.

Water makes things wet but that doesn’t mean water is wet

if water isnt wet then what is it, dry??

ur mom wet

It’s just water, dry just means it’s not wet and is no longer there

personally, i think water IS the wet, meaning it IS wet.

A scientific sounding answer on google.
Water uses diffusing sources btw that’s why it says it’s insignificant

fuck you perry the platypus, water is the wet and dnobody can tell me otherwise. and YES. i do think gif is pronounced gif

water may not be wet but at the very least i know it is the wet

I didn’t ask but yeah gif is much better than saying the fucking peanut butter brand

What the hell do you mean by “the wet” that makes no sense

basically what i mean is that it is the maker of wet. it is what makes wet things be wet.

Technically both pronunciations are right but the guy who made the word liked it pronounced jif, doesn’t matter to the convo though.

Yes but that does not mean it is wet

Water isn’t and never will be wet

ok jod.

All these quirky tricky “is X a Y?” type of questions (ex. “Is cereal a soup?”, “Is a hotdog a sandwich?”…) have their answer depend on what is a “X” and what is a “Y”.

Arguing about it without properly defining those terms is like two people hopelessly yelling at each other in 2 different languages.