WAX WORLD NEWS (real news for real gameres)

i am now a world class jorunalist


Darksea Bandits are planning to be actually unique but they’ll always lose to the Rising Mist

Darksea Bandits is unique because they’re the only bandit guild without a gimmick.

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Cries in smoke arrows

Rising Mist smoke arrows is why they’ll all get lung cancer and how they’ll eventually collapse.


fake news going against mayor salore, typical with this lamestream media. smh

I love this. Can’t wait for the next issue.


ill mkae an article just for yuo

the only rival to the most trustworthy news source, fat fish news

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Wheres issue 2 gib i need. 10/10

Yes, the news I need as “gamere”
Send to my door every day
Is beautiful

how long did it take you to make this

You’re not a real journalist until you cover a story about how rich people are hoarding money in offshore accounts, and then you die mysteriously and nobody ever talks about your story again.

an hour and haklf or so

my next peice will be exposing a secret ring and then after that my next piece will be my obituray


If you expose me and my secret ring of Wood users, you’ll be fucking gone next morning


finally a trusted new s soucre

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I genuinely love this so I shall calmly wait for another, also did you just suck king David?

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