Explaining Srtolertus' AO Forum Iceberg

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post haven’t I?
Well, let’s start a trend.
Recently, Srtolertus made an AO Forum Iceberg.
And because I’m bored, I might as well explain it to everyone as a Forum Veteran and local no-life.


WAX: WAX is one of the “Great Forum Deities”. He’s pretty much just a guy with a zoomed-in Kirby Avatar who we all like. He’s well known for his rather shitpost-esque comments and posts.

AO Riddles: These are Riddles created by Techlevel2020 in anticipation of the upcoming Great Revamp of World of Magic. There are 2 of them as of the writing of this post, both of which can be found below;

Burgr: Burgr is another one of the “Great Forum Deities”, and is significantly more active compared to WAX, which isn’t really saying that much. He’s well known for creating the short-ran “World of Burgr” ‘webcomic’.

Fat Fishe: Fat Fishe is a rather infamous and controvesial user on the forums, who has since been banned due to stirring up a drama on a Covid-19 related post.

Jumbo: Jumbo is another well-known user on the forums, renowned for his rather bizarre but humorous theories on the game.

Forum Trends: There have been several forum trends that have been created in the past, such as the “Tier List” trend and the “Guilds as Anime Characters” trend. Despite the amount of complaining that the forum does to kill these trends off, it doesn’t stop people from still churning them out once a week.

#guilds: The guilds category on the forums is something that I wanna forget forever. It’s pretty much dead at this point since WoM is dead and we’re all waiting for AO to come out. It was essentially just a breeding ground for toxicity and trash talking.

Describe the person’s pfp above you/say something related in any way to what the forumer above you said: Read the “Forum Trends” part of the post, since the whole “person above you” is another Forum Trend.


AO Riddles: why was this added twice? Alan, please add Details.

Angmar: Pretty much the most Infamous Forum User, creator of the Arcane Herald and has essentially been wiped off the face of the Forums because he tried to dox the whole place.

Cursed WoM/AO Moments: A long-running Thread created by Trollus/LittleShrekSheep. Is currently at 990 comments as of the writing of this post. The thread can be seen below;

Reminders on the Trello: Reminders on the Trello is a relatively long-running thread started by Joseph6971, where Forum Users discuss new things that are added to the AO Trello. Thread can be found here;

DoubleRun: DoubleRun is a formerly active Forum Member, AS Player and local complainer that’s prevalent in the PvP scene, carrying the self-proclaimed title of “Best AS PvPer”.

NEKOSAIKOU: A formerly active Forum User who has been behind several events in the Forum’s History, such as the rise of the “Exiled x Minotaur” ship and the “L1.Dc_vi12” ARG.

BNTarwarn: BNT is an active Forum Artist who’s rather controversial due to her Ship Art and Fanfics, mainly about the boss character of “King David Silver” from WoM.

WAX World News: The best news source on the forums before sadly fading away after 4 articles.
First Article can be found here: WAX WORLD NEWS (real news for real gameres)

#trustedlads: The Trusted Lads category is the first relatively obscure mystery on the Iceberg, it is a category that is available exclusively to Regulars, and acts kind of like Off Topic but only for people with the Regular title.

Necrobumpers/Brazil: This used to be Srtolertus’ old shtick, where he would reply to someone who had recently replied in a thread that was long since dead and put them on blast, threatening to send them to Brazil.

“noble winnin’”: an old meme constantly spouted by the Guild known as ‘Noble Phantasm’, honestly, it wasn’t very funny.

desired_bag: a user known for creating several Magic Tier lists and making a shitty leaving post before coming back like 3 weeks after he posted it. Cool Guy, even if I do get into arguments with him.

:fr: : an emote that’s used a lot by people. That’s about it.

SourSkittles/TheSandCrab: A relatively well known Forum User who’s pretty active. Known for having a weird drama with NEKOSAIKOU where they were shipped together.

Arcane Adventures Comic Created by LittleShrekSheep: Obviously referring to the still ongoing AA Webcomic created by Trollus. Check it out, it’s really well made.


AO Forums Party: A Discord Server created by LordOfTheBloxxed. You can ask some people for the server link if you wish.

Thingyy’s Inventory: This is referring to Thingyy, a Forum User who’s rather infamous for having an Inventory with a record breaking value of 1,130,069 Crowns.

Arcane April: An ongoing event where Artists draw prompts every day on the month of april.

Mal/Loreing/Sister: Clumped all of these guys together since they’re all essentially just the same thing, just a bunch of old Forum Users who’ve since been banned or inactive due to shitty suggestions and stuff.

LittleShrekSheep/Trollus is a Male: Pretty self-explanatory. LSS is a Male, or at least I think so, I don’t really know.

World of Burgr: A short webcomic series created by and featuring Burgr.

Donk: The reason why I seperated Donk from Mal and the others is because Donk was the only “funny” one out of the 4. He was taken too soon, man.

Exiled feeding the Minotaur: A bit of ship art created by NEKOSAIKOU. Caused quite a stir when it was posted.

Loreing is an alt of Mal/Sister is an alt of Mal: A theory that was created due to the 3 accounts acting very similarly to each other. Not much else to say.

Geko: Geko is another infamous Forum User due to starting a raid on the forums. Has since been banned.

Tickle Magic: Another one of Mal’s infamous shitty suggestions. Grew into a meme before dying again.

Vetex’s Toxicity: This could be referring to Vetex’s hostility towards garbage feedback or things that waste his time.

WoM Rants: Pretty much one of the worst forum trends of all time. They spiked around the guild/halloween update after TGR had already been announced, usually from people who didn’t even know that TGR was even a thing.

WoM Forumers get added to Smash: A Thread created by Srtolertus where he would upload your ROBLOX Avatar on a game called “newcomer simulator” and post the results there.

Vulcan: Another shitty guild. The only thing noteworthy about this is that you could bribe the leaders with R$ for higher ranks.

Hey there buddos: as far as I know, This was the thread that would greet you when you became a regular, with other, older regulars welcoming you with open arms. It’s a shame that I don’t have access to it anymore.

Doge King: The leader of the Doge Nation guild or whatever it was called. Has since been banned due to his guild members duping or something, I’ve forgotten entirely.


Obesity Suggestion: Another one of Mal’s/Loreing’s infamous suggestions. Not much to note, it’s just about being over nourished by eating too much food.

The Arcane Herald: Angmar’s old news source. That’s it.

Pre June 20th Forum Posts/Pre June 20th Forum was accessible by Vetex Discord level 50s: Self-Explanatory. Pre-June 20th posts are still considered history of the forums.

Welcome to the arena, I am the boss: It was pretty much a small meme which depicted a strange-dressed man saying “Welcome to the arena, I am the boss” in that one arena near Summer Hold. That’s about it.

WoM Boss Wiki by Bingo721: Can be found here; (Coming Soon) Arcane Odyssey Boss Wiki

T-34/76 had Covid: Again, it can be found here; I’ve tested positive for COVID (Serious)
Also, this was the thread I was talking about in the Fat Fishe section.

HERE IM THE FUCK: A legendary quote uttered by LordGaltron. Is one of the more recent memes on the forums.

Off-Topic Presidential Elections: Was intended to be an event that was held every couple of months or so. Is no longer a thing due to a massive drama sparking over the 2nd election.

Your Tears increase our Damage: Unfortunately, it isn’t a clever TBOI reference. This is a meme constantly spammed by Guild Members in the early days of the forum thinking they were funny.

Geko raided the AO Forums Party: Self-explanatory. Fun fact: I was actually asleep while the whole thing took place.


Le Trusted Laddos Club: This was the original AO Forums Party discord run by Srtolertus and a couple others. After a bit of drama, AO Forums Party was established on the remains.

Even Little has some of the Horny in him: This might be referring to a thread discussing Trollus’ patreon, which had a donator perk of accessing NSFW art for 8$ a month which isn’t a bad deal. But this thread was blown way out of proportion.

NEKOSAIKOU is a Male: Although NEKO hasn’t come out with what their gender is, some people believe that they are male. Nothing much else to say.

Headless got doxxed by Angmar: Headless is the website developer behind the AO forums. This entry could be either of 2 things;

  • Headless got doxxed by Angmar when the whole forum was about to be doxxed
  • Angmar was actually behind the DarkLordDurza account (who was actually was apparently successful with doxxing Headless)

Off Topic Court Trial: A short-lived idea where Off Topic users could debate as either a Defense Attorney or as a Prosecutor in an Ace Attorney inspired RP, debating over several topics. There was only 1 Trial that actually happened however, sadly.

Trusted Lads Presidential Election: Pretty much the same thing as the Off Topic Election but for Trusted Lads and without the dramas. That’s basically it.


T̵̛͙̭̹͓̒̍̎̄̄̀̔͒̒̑̈̾͝H̴̡̳̮̮̫̯̜͙̾̌͋̑̈́͐̚͠͠Ȩ̴̧̞̭̮̠͚͓͛̑͛̈́͋̑̚͜͠ ̵̢͈̯̤̗̺̳͇̆̽͗̎͐̍̈́S̸̨̛̙͇̼̟̦̜̰̽͊̅̿͒̍͋͂̕͜͠H̷̱̯̱̄̒͛̚Ạ̸̡͇̾̊̿͆̀͋̈̑͑̎͑̅͆̑͝D̸̗̲̰̻͖̣̲̦̱̾́͂̈͊̎̏́́̓̈́͐̕Ơ̶̝̹̳͇̺̯̫̖͈̮̦͉̘̹͓̈́̃̈̈́̈́̽͛͂́̄̒̂̉W̷͕̅̀̒̀̈͛̃͆̀͐̍̌͠͝ ̸̨̨̺̩̦̳̝̤̮͓͈̥̪̱̍̃͗̒̾̈́͌́̓̇̈́͠͝R̴̛̩̭̲̪͇̮̖͚̬̻̄̅̀̈́̓̔̅̔͊͆Ê̵̡͎͎͕͖̺̳̞̺̂̒͠Á̸̳̱͓̖́̅̇͒̀̓̉́̎̇̋́̈́͜͠ͅL̶͚̟͕̬̙͈̟͙̺͇͍̞̖͓͐̌̈͆̅̈͜͠M̸̗̘̳̰̗̖̬̘̗͉͇̖̈́̄̒: …Looks like some things are best left unanswered.

So yeah. That’s the AO Forum Iceberg. If you wish for certain entry descriptions to be changed, then leave it down below.


I said


Srtolertus’ Iceberg wasn’t even an iceberg, everything mentioned even in the fathoms is already well known.

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why’d you leave the server :frcryin:

I miss the ARG, it was really fun participating in the hunt for the other body parts. I’m still confused why he picked two inactive guys and two barely even known about guys, and the fact that I was one of those body parts, the heart, still confuses me to this day

I think you should have elaborated on the infamy of Angmar. From being edgy as hell (though it was a persona, he told me) to defending those who sold in game items for real money. He got his account nukes.

(bonus story, a friend of his tried to expose all the major groups with proof, but got curb-stomped due to associating with Angmar, rip.)

Wait, me dumb… Herp Derp

I do agree that the iceburg wasn’t really thought out that much

well, some members prob dont remember/have forgotten the arcane herald or the obesity suggestion or le trusted laddos club


i heard from a artist that they and some others have seen nekosaikou’s face, and it was of a male.

yeah, it was recieved WAY too badly to my surprise for whatever reason

also, for context bout the shadow realm, it was a black and grey place made by @LordOfTheBloxxed that also was the place for the off topic court trial

the hell you mean you overreacted to LSS patreon in the first place

uh, wdym
i said that people received it WAY too badly to my surprise for some reason
thats all

my attention span is shit so unless somebody makes a video with audio im not reading all that

The things I have seen put this iceberg to shame…



The curse of knowing everything is that you can never learn new thing
-Duzra, probably-

ayo bet :mariomug: slide me that

why is this alive again


Put me on as the man of a million magics