Ways to increase skill

Today, I fought Selectorch, BreakerOfOath(charon), KeeperOfOath(august), and a couple other members of Noctem. I lost almost every fight.

How am I supposed to get better? What do I do? Is there some sort of secret method? Something I’m doing wrong?

AO PVP isn’t really skilled(although, being just a little bit better than the average player at something like aiming or reaction speed can make you seem like a PVP god)… but that doesn’t mean I can’t improve. Do any PVP players have some tips?

keep fighting them

I can’t. It’s complicated and simple.

I tried to 1v1 Selectorch, but the first time I lost, the second and third time I won, then all the other times I didn’t get a chance to properly 1v1 him.

All the other members I lost in a landslide fight. I only beat August once because he was using guns(that man is a chad), and I still haven’t even GRAZED Charon.

They don’t seem to like to have one after the other consistent fights.

Do you wanna 1v1? You probably improved from the video I watched, it’s been a couple weeks.

If it makes you feel better I’m bad at pvp too

No. I am not bad at PVP. I want to graduate from “DECENT PLAYER” to “EXCELLENT PLAYER”.

I’m just “bad player” lol :fr:

sometimes when I’m fighting calvus and carina I like to imagine that it’s making me a better player but I doubt it does

I don’t fight calvus a lot he’s so inconsistent

You can’t get better at PVP by fighting NPCs.

Maybe it’ll improve reaction time, but it’s never going to be the same. A real player won’t actively announce their next attack.

Idk I always lose 1 out of 4 or so battles I have against players I suck lol :fr:

yeah honestly just keep fighting them if you have to

maybe you can downgrade the players to a lower skill level but yeah

What does this mean? I don’t think it’s possible to deteriorate someone’s brain through a screen on purpose. And even if it is, it’s not gonna be so fast.

meaning you can find other players that arent as good as Charon and allat

play against worse people (like me :cry:)

i’m editing right now, dm me on discord and we can do tomorrow

I’ve been fighting against average players ever since AO released. If I keep fighting the “same” players, how will I improve?

I guess that me fighting those average players would make them get better, since I used to suck at PVP but kept trying and got good, which would in turn make them a good fight for me. But can you really be more skilled than the person you fight at all times?

what build do you run

warrior, sometimes I play warlock when I want to have fun

what a pleasant surprise, what weapons are you using?