We got a new stat - Resistance


I’m killing bruh. Surge alr does a like what, 15-20% damage reduction, this is not needed ;-;

i think the stat could just be made to not work on surge

Dang, another reason to not block and just play hyper aggressive. It’s not an awful addition but man the games going to shake up pretty hard in Nimbus with the 5 news stats. Especially since this one helps mitigate the dangers of playing hyper aggressive.

remove block
what is this

This gives an insane advantage in damage trades

ah yes. nerf defense only to add a defense alternative. so smart

(tho i do still like the thing lol, just kinda weird. i feel like this is nice for strenght builds)

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it’s during casting weirdly

theyre really making blocking useless arent they?

I mean…Lets be honest with ourself.
This will only affect pvp heads

nobodies using it cuz it’s on a the dumbest button

true, i mean its always about hit and run
it could help inexperience players tho (those that keep attacking under any circumstance)

running max resistance spamming surge

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This will be the new atk Spd T_T

i think everyone is exaggerating how bad stats like this and piercing will be

they could just end up REALLY niche and not as gamebreaking as people expect
but given vetex, IDFK

Atleast we know who to blame, if balance goes wrong.