We should be able to suggest Lost/Primordial Magics

Recently, a new rule was added that bans people from making suggestions about Lost/Primordial magics. This is a really bad new rule because the game heavily lacks certain kinds of magics.

The game already has certain pairs of magics.
Shadow - Darkness - Death
Fire - Inferno - Promethean Fire
Lightning - Aether Lightning - Electron
Wind - Slash - Pressure
These pairs are really good because they allow people to have a theme to their magics. If someone wants to be a Fire wizard they can pick all fire-based magics. However, there are a lot of pairs that do not yet exist. Currently, there are no cold Lost/Prim magics. There is 1 light magic (Aether). There is 1 earth based magic (Mud). There is one crystal based magic (Diamond). There are no plant based Lost/Prim magics.

If someone wants to be an Earth, Crystal, or Light wizard, they have 1 Lost option and no Primordial options. If someone wants to be a Plant or Ice wizard, they have no Lost or Primordial options at all. Allowing Lost/Primordial suggestions allows people to suggest new magics that can fill these gaps and allow players to create more interesting characters.

But what about all of the low-quality magic suggestions? I have a very simple solution. I like to call it “Not voting for bad suggestions.” If a suggestion gets no votes, Vetex won’t look at it. That means there is no harm in its existence. It takes approximately zero seconds to scroll past a bad suggestion. You don’t need to ban an entire category of suggestions just to stop a few bad ones from existing.


I agree with almost all of this

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i think the rule should be if a suggestion gets less than one vote

people can vote for their own suggestion

I mean there really is no need currently to even suggest any lost or primordial magics.
Maybe later on when the game comes closer to actually adding those things, but currently I don’t think it is needed.

imo it floods the suggestion channel with useless stuff that wont be added for at least another year. there’s no need to suggest it yet, I’d hold off until it actually becomes relevant


That’s true. They won’t be added for a long time. However, I think, since Vetex will eventually look over the suggestions, it would be worth suggesting them so that he can add them to the Magic Types card.

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this is exactly why you shouldn’t suggest them yet. nobody cares. it floods the channel with unnecessary stuff


more akin to wind by its description

All right then
Wind - Slash - Pressure

They can still be added to the magic types card, so they aren’t completely irrelevant. Also, many people do care. If they get inspiration for a magic, they will want to make a suggestion about it. Also, “floods” is an exaggeration. There is maybe 2-3 Prim/Lost suggestions per day, which takes 2-3 seconds to ignore.

Also, they will die down after that 1 person runs out of ideas.

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The lost magic type idea I posted yesterday was literally the first lost magic type I came up with. I would have posted it months ago but I was unsure of myself. I hope they aren’t doing this because of me.

I think they are doing this because one person made ~5 suggestions all of which got 0-3 votes.

there’s no reason whatsoever to suggest them now. just wait a year when it actually becomes important. there’s a reason ur not allowed to suggest them anymore

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Wait, but does that mean my idea is now forfeit? We can’t suggest the same thing twice can we?

But what is the problem with suggesting them now? I have made 2 Lost/Prim suggestions. Both of them got 10+ votes and my most recent one has gotten nearly 20 votes. They were posted months apart. It is obvious that people want to see more magics. There is no point in silencing it just because they won’t be added for a year. They can still be added to the trello today.

idk how vetex goes over them and decides which to add and which to not, if it gets deleted and it’s not on the trello I’d assume it got declined. dont take my word for it though since i dont have a clue how this forum stuff works

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Weren’t the suggestions routinely wiped before TGR?

Yeah. Vetex isn’t looking at suggestions right now which is why they aren’t being wiped. However, he will later look through them all.

That will be a lot of work given the pileup. From what I understand, he most considers the most popular ones among the community, but there is no guarantee he will add them. As for suggesting Lost/Prim magics, I agree that they should be held off for know until they become relevant again.

cus most of them are people suggesting magics they’d personally find cool or interesting without taking into account how it would change the games balance, some of them just outright suck or are troll suggestions. we dont care about lost/primordial magics yet

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