Weapon idea: Javelin (and infernal javelin)

Weapon idea: Javelin (and infernal javelin) https://forum.arcaneodyssey.dev/uploads/default/original/3X/1/b/1bdea1257a378d659a051de021964db99b72668e.png
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An improved version of this weapon with significant changes in order to differentiate it from a spear and create new options in fights has already been revised and will be posted when ready. In the meantime you can check out the old version and feel free to leave any feedback.

Appearance and animation:


The javelin will be an uncommon weapon with a unique rare variant (infernos end) as well. It will be a primarily ranged weapon (with melee abilities) and come with a total of 4 skills and a normal attack.

Normal attack:
The user will hurl the javelin at the cursor at a high speed, piercing and slightly knocking back the target on impact. The javelin will remain on the targets body for a short time similar to arrows.

| The rare variant infernos end will apply burn on hit |


Ability 1: Titans throw:
The user takes a second to ready the javelin in order to throw the javelin. The javelin is thrown at a very high speed destroying projectiles in its way. When it hits the target, they are then knocked back twice the amount of a regular throw and momentarily stunned.

Imbued throws will leave a trail of magic behind and explode on impact.

| The rare variant infernos end will apply burn on hit, travel faster and leave a trail |


Ability 2: Skewer:
The user thrusts the javelin forward in front of them and flings the target behind them with the tip of the javelin. This attack can create an opportunity to throw the javelin at the thrown target for high damage.

| The rare variant infernos end will have a larger hitbox, create a trail, apply burn on hit and create a small aoe explosion on impact zone |

The next 2 abilities will only be available for a special rare variants named the infernos end. This weapon will have the same first 2 abilities of the uncommon variant and the following abilities will be the 3rd and 4th.

Ability 3: Infernal retribution:
Thrust the javelin into the ground and after a second huge infernal spikes erupt for the floor and damage any enemies in the area (similar to a self explosion). Enemies hit by the infernal spikes will receive burning status and all healing will be reduced by 20%.


If the user is in the air then they will plunge down towards a solid surface, if the user strikes the javelin to the side of a surface then the spikes will erupt in a similar fashion.

Ability 4: Heat flash:
This is an extremely powerful move that requires the pinnacle of skill. The user grips the javelin tightly and throws the javelin without letting go of it. Due to the sheer speed of the javelin the user appears to blink to the location whilst holding the javelin and the target area is lit up by the impact which causes a huge explosion. The range is not very long due to the sheer power required to pull this off. The target is inflicted with the burn status when hit.


The move will have a short wind up time and short end lag.

Pro tip:
can be combo’ed right after with infernal retribution for large damage if the target is not blocking or trying to dodge.

This is what I’ve come up with, thanks for reading.

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this is just a polearm type weapon but trying to be special

not really, it’s main thing is THROWING it, and the only non-thrown one is in a special variant of it

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It’s a javelin which exists in real life designed for throwing. Spears are melee weapon and the there is a weapon throw option as an ability.

This is primarily a ranged weapon you throw as a main attacking method with an enhanced throw ability, a unique grab and some special abilities.

With that logic we could just say the sword and katana are the same as well or a lance and a spear

I mean hey if a rapier and a giant fucking lance are the same

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literally just a fancy spear

The javelins m1 is a ranged throw so it’s fundamentally different in that regard. Also most common weapons (even between types) share similar abilities.

so? a javelin shouldn’t need to be a whole new weapon class, maybe just a spear with 1-2 different skills

It can’t be classified as a spear because it is a ranged weapon. It wouldn’t make sense if suddenly a spear comes out and instead of melee it’s thrown as the normal attack. It is also meant to be much much faster in the air and apply knock back on hit.

dude, just because you’re meant to throw it doesn’t mean it’s M1 would be that.

for one I feel like multiple stuff in game would be fucked if they worked like irl, such as say katana breaking in two hits and rapier fucking killing you instantly

exactly, also I don’t think a spammable m1 projectile would help with the game’s balance

The whole point of the weapon is that its ranged, like a gun. Not making the M1 a projectile would defeat the purpose of it.


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If it’s meant to be thrown, I don’t see why the throwing should only be in skills that would require at least 20 in weapons to use, especially when the bow could still be used by anyone. Plus if it’s balanced, which I have faith it would be, it would bring more variety in terms of ranged weaponry we could use.


with much balancing and maybe some class editing, sure i would love this

I’ve seen some suggestions about weapon styles, where you can use a weapon differently to get a different set of skills. I think the javelin is better as a different way to use a spear than a new weapon type.

Some skill criticism: The first and second ability sound very similar as they are just “stronger throw 1 and 2”, and the 4th ability is not that much better. I think some of them should be changed. I would suggest changing the Skewer ability to a Ground Toss ability, as it doesn’t sound that cool. Using the ability will cause you to stab the ground, causing a chunk of it to be impaled on the javelin. Using this in the air will bring you to the ground. Your next m1 will cause you to toss the piece of ground (or whatever you stabbed), doing more damage but having a gravity arc. Maybe this will also affect other abilities (it should because it would be cool), but I don’t feel like thinking of such interactions.

I Think you misunderstood/misread the secomd ability (my bad for the skills wording). It’s not a weapon throw it’s a grab that when landed always throws the target directly behind you from the direction your facing.

Also I agree that the 4th ability isn’t very interesting as it’s essentially a blink similar to the other types of blink attacks.

Regarding your idea for the ability I think that could be cool if after stabbing the stick into the ground, the player then flings multiple rocks forward in a forward arc (think of someone shoveling something and flinging dirt forward but instead of dirt it’s a bunch of rocks)


Vetex prob won’t add it but it seems like a great idea, tho yeah it’s a little to similar to the spear especially with spears already having a throw ability

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This is a Spear weapon.
I physically can’t NOT vote this.

This does sound similar to the staff though. The staffs first ability is a throw and the second ability is a grab. The javelins first ability is a throw but stronger and the second ability is a grab with backwads knockback. Really I think this entire thread can be summed up with “cool idea but not unique enough to be added to the game”, with some people having variations of this opinion.

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Well written and high effort post, but like everyone else has said its too close if not completely identical to what we already have. Although it seems reasonable enough that could potentially come as a rare varient of a polearm weapon, but not as a whole new varient.

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