Weapons Fully Explained

oh i just scrolled up and saw clash say the exact same thing lol

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I actually don’t know how to format like that :skull:

Wouldn’t it be 100, 130, 160, 190, then 220?

We know what the second musket ability does (I think?), it’s basically a normal shot, but painfuller

We do, I’ll add its description soon.

Nevermind, Clash is right, it is 170, not 160. It’s seen in the showcase video.


You can use the summary feature like this to hide information unless someone specifically clicks on it

That’s what intuition would say but it’s not, I had asked soeili before and it went like that

Made a few updates. The Lion’s Halberd has been officially placed into the Heavy Cleaver category and the Lance of Loyalty has been officially placed into the Thrusting category. Spin Attack has been renamed to Whirlwind, as per the latest changes. Seismic Slash was added to the list of unique player-usable skills. And Devastate’s description now states that its attack size scales off how high you fell from, which we only just found out from the new patch notes. I haven’t done the full reformatting to make it easier to read or anything (I’m a bit lazy), but at least it’s a little more accurate.

gonna update this as the game gets developed or no?

I might. It’ll take a while but I can revamp it eventually with all the new skills.

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Gonna update this or nah?

why did bro have to necropost :skull:

Probably not, but maybe

Didn’t realize it was 1 year old already :pray:

So after reading this I’m assuming I can use any old weapons skill on another old weapons with 90 weapon stats?

I’m a savant I’ve been desperate for more than 2 weapon skills for so long lol

Yeah you can put two first tier skills on a weapon

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I just realized I will only be able to use specific skills on two of my mains cause of lame limitations, but I still love the skills I will be able to get so I don’t care too much tbh