Weapons Fully Explained

How Weapons Work

  • A weapon’s skills and max tiers are decided based on its quality, a stat which is tied to weapons the exact same way that rarity is. This is better than it being decided based on item rarity because this allows for more quality levels than there are rarities. All weapons with the prefix Old, Rusty, or Wooden are Poor quality and have a level range from 1-50. All weapons with the prefix Iron or Bronze are Average quality and have a level range from 50-100.
    • There are some exceptions to these rules. The Poison Tooth Dagger, a level 50-100 weapon, is Good quality meaning it has more skills and stronger skills than the average 50-100 weapon. The Sunken Sword can be upgraded from level 50 all the way to level 1000 at the end of the game, yet it’s only Good quality, even though weapons with max levels that high are presumed to have a way better quality than Good. Bow weapons are also an exception to the prefix pattern, as they use the Branch prefix for Poor quality and the Wooden prefix for Average quality. Weapons of Poor quality have 2 skills, while Average quality weapons have 3 skills.
  • Every weapon has a type, like Light Bladed, Heavy Bladed, Bow, Blunt, etc. Each of these weapon types has 5 default skills, 1 of which is the ultimate art. Ultimate versions of skills will be higher tier (flashier effects, bigger area of effect), and deal more damage.
    • Some weapons of the same type may have the same skills, but a different one as the ultimate art.
    • Some weapons (mostly Good quality) will have some of the default skills for their weapon type, and 1 or more unique skills that are specific to that weapon.
  • Every weapon skill requires a certain level of Weapons stat to use it. The skill requirements go 10, 50, 90, 120, 150. The ultimate skill needs an extra 200 Weapons stat to be used. The weapon’s minimum level multiplied by 2 is also added to the skill unlock requirements. So a level 50-100 weapon’s first skill would require 110 Weapons stat points to use.
  • The tier of the skill uses the skill’s minimum possible level requirement to be calculated. This is so that switching from a level 1 weapon to a level 50 of the same type doesn’t make its skills smaller.
  • Most weapons are obtainable by completing quests or opening chests, but the most powerful ones are more difficult to obtain. The Sunken Sword can be caught from fishing with a 1/2000 chance. You are guaranteed to get a sunken item for every 3000 fish caught, and one of them may be the Sunken Sword. The Poison Tooth Dagger can be dropped by the aberrant sea monster Poison Jaws, with some luck. The Noble Thunderspear, Scimitars of Storm, or Stormcaller can be dropped by the 3rd story boss in the game with a 1/5 chance. The Lance of Loyalty or the Lion’s Halberd can be dropped by General Argos, the 4th story boss in the game, with a 1/7 chance.
  • Weapons have their own equivalents to Lost Magics and Ancient Magics. There will eventually be Rare Weapons, Lost Weapons, and Ancient Weapons, although it is unknown when they will be added and what makes them different compared to normal weapons with a higher quality.
  • If you use the Warrior build (Full Weapons) and get your first awakening, then you will gain a weapon aura, increasing the scale and damage of all your weapon skills and giving them new effects. Your weapons also gain new unique particles based on the weapon itself. As an example, if you use the weapon aura with an Old Dagger, it would gain rust particles.
  • If you use the Conjurer build (Weapons/Magic) and get your first awakening, then you can imbue your magic in any weapon, causing its damage and skill size to scale off of your Magic stat too, adding your magic’s stats to the weapon, and replacing Bleeding with whatever status effect your magic inflicts. If the weapon has a unique status effect built into it, like the Sunken Sword inflicting Soaked, then when you imbue that weapon with magic, its effects will be whatever is created when that effect and that magic interact. So imbuing a Sunken Sword with Fire Magic would give it steam effects and burning, imbuing a Sunken Sword with Lightning Magic would make its attacks far bigger, imbuing a Sunken Sword with Ice Magic would make it freeze people solid.
  • If you use the Warlord build (Weapons/Strength) and get your first awakening, then you can imbue your fighting style and its effects in any weapon, causing its damage and skill size to scale off of your Strength stat too, and adding your fighting style’s stats and effects to the weapon.
  • There are many other kinds of weapons different from normal ones.
    • Artisan Weapons can only be used by Warrior builds, and have unique uses that are currently unknown.
    • Some weapons are made from the metal arcanium, allowing you to infuse it with your magic regardless of stat build and awakenings. This is different from using a Conjurer build to imbue a weapon with magic. Arcanium Weapons can use your magic spells, but with modified stats. As an example, if you use a blast spell with an Arcanium Bow, it would increase the projectile’s speed and damage, but make it smaller, similar to an arrow. Almost any weapon can be crafted into an arcanium one. Arcanium Weapons scale off both the Weapons stat and Magic stat, so they’re most effective when used by a Conjurer build, but can be good with other builds too.
    • Some weapons are far larger and heavier than others. These are called Strength Weapons and require a minimum Strength stat to equip. They scale off both the Weapons stat and Strength stat.
    • Spirit Weapons have unique abilities that involve spirits and souls. Contrary to what some might believe, these only use the Vitality stat, the Weapons stat is not needed at all.

Weapons & Skills

Bladed (Old Sword, Old Cutlass, Iron Sword, Iron Cutlass, Sunken Sword)

  1. Spin Attack - The user spins around with their sword, releasing a shockwave-like area of damage.
  2. Tiger Rush - Exact effects unknown.

Blunt (Wooden Mace, Iron Mace)

  1. Raging Impact - Exact effects unknown.
  2. Brutal Rush - Exact effects unknown.

Bow (Branch Bow, Wooden Bow, Stormcaller)

  1. Rain of Arrows - Exact effects unknown.
  2. Quickdraw - Exact effects unknown.

Claws (Rusty Claws, Iron Claws)

  1. Primal Swipe - The user swipes their claws, firing a gray claw projectile forward which travels shortly before exploding into a burst of shockwave effects.
  2. Beast Instinct - The user rapidly zips around in the air, leaving behind trails of slashes, dealing damage to everything close in a rapid flurry of attacks. Makes the user practically invincible, as they’re moving extremely fast and clashing with all possible threats and attacks.

Cleaver (Old Axe, Iron Axe)

  1. Axe Throw - Exact effects unknown.
  2. Spiraling Fury - Exact effects unknown.

Dual Bladed (Dual Old Swords, Dual Iron Swords, Scimitars of Storm)

  1. Twin Crescents - The user slashes, releasing two crescent-shaped slash projectiles. They’re both small and low-damaging, but can be very powerful.
  2. Sword Draw: Mirrored River - The user sheaths their swords, but then teleports forward in the direction of their cursor, damaging anything in that direction and leaving two long mirrored slashes behind the user.

Dual Pistol (Dual Old Flintlocks, Dual Bronze Flintlocks)

  1. Gun Draw: Rapid Fire - Exact effects unknown.
  2. Quick Combo - Exact effects unknown.

Heavy Bladed (Old Greatsword, Iron Greatsword)

  1. Tempest - The user spins around to generate a still tornado to damage anything that gets close to it.
  2. Sword Draw: Mountain Wind - The user sheaths their greatsword, before rapidly unsheathing and slashing the blade, shooting out three tornado projectiles that split into three directions in front of the user.

Heavy Blunt (Wooden Greatmace, Old Greathammer, Iron Greathammer)

  1. Devastate - The user slams down their weapon, generating a huge gray shockwave, damaging anything close to it. If used in mid-air, the user quickly drops down to the ground to slam the weapon first.
  2. Skull Crusher - The user dashes to their target and grabs them. The grab starts with an uppercut using the mace, then a right-swinging attack with a brown slash-like effect. The grab ends with the user slamming their mace downwards onto the target, with another brown slash effect but vertical, and the impact creates a massive shockwave that alternates between gray and brown.

Heavy Cleaver (Old Greataxe, Iron Greataxe)

  1. Devastate - The user slams down their weapon, generating a huge gray shockwave, damaging anything close to it. If used in mid-air, the user quickly drops down to the ground to slam the weapon first.
  2. Striking Gale - The user swipes their weapon, making a slash effect and shooting a large tornado projectile at high speeds that explodes upon contact with anything.

Katana (Old Katana, Iron Katana)

  1. Sword Draw: Flash Strike - The user quickly sheaths and then unsheaths their katana, teleporting forward in the direction of their cursor and dealing low damage to anything in the path. Leaves a large white slash effect behind the user.
  2. Flying Slash - The user slashes their sword, firing a big crescent projectile that cuts anything it comes into contact with.

Light Bladed (Old Dagger, Iron Dagger, Poison Tooth Dagger)

  1. Dagger Throw - Exact effects unknown.
  2. Spiraling Fury - Exact effects unknown.

Polearm (Old Spear, Old Trident, Iron Spear, Iron Trident, Noble Thunderspear)

  1. Spear Throw - Exact effects unknown.
  2. Impaling Strike - Exact effects unknown.

Pistol (Old Flintlock, Bronze Flintlock)

  1. Cheap Shot - The user dashes to the target and grabs them, then shoots them in the head with a gun.
  2. Multi Shot - Exact effects unknown.

Rifle (Old Musket, Bronze Musket)

  1. Onslaught - The user dashes to the target and bludgeons them with the rifle three times, sending them high into the air and then shooting them while they fall.
  2. Piercing Shot - Exact effects unknown.

Thrusting (Old Rapier, Iron Rapier)

  1. Piercing Combo - Exact effects unknown.
  2. Shining Cycle - Exact effects unknown.

Shield (Wooden Shield, Iron Shield)

  1. Shield Throw - Exact effects unknown.
  2. Shield Bash - Exact effects unknown.

Staff (Wooden Staff, Iron Staff)

  1. Knocking Blitz - The user dashes to the target and bludgeons them with the staff several times.
  2. Piercing Gale - The user spins around and thrusts forward with the staff, firing a projectile.

Unique Skills
Storm of Arrows - Exact effects unknown. Exclusive to Stormcaller, and presumably replaces Rain of Arrows.
Rising Tide - The user launches upward with spiraling blue slash effects, damaging anything close and inflicting the Soaked debuff. The launch can be slightly angled. Exclusive to the Sunken Sword, and replaces Spin Attack.

Extra Information
There are two more weapons known that didn’t get classified here, the Lion’s Halberd and the Lance of Loyalty. They are both Strength Weapons, but their exact weapon types are unknown. Judging by the Rapier type being renamed to the Thrusting type shortly before the Lance of Loyalty was implemented, it is very likely that the Lance of Loyalty is of the Thrusting weapon type, although we can’t know for sure. Halberds are polearms with a spike, axe, and hook, so it is hard to guess which weapon type the Lion’s Halberd would fall under.




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