Welcome to Arcane Café! (ft. Averill, Prometheus, Durza, Freedrock, and Valencia)

I drew this for pure self entertainment purposes, trust me

so I made a poll on who to draw together in the cafe drip, and these characters ended up being in the top 5

wack character combination, I’d say


obligatory poll: which drip do yall like lmao
  • Averill
  • Prometheus
  • Durza
  • Freedrock
  • Valencia

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note: i messed freedrock’s and valencia’s hand up and im fully aware of it

i aint editing though


So is it correct to assume the bearded dude is Jesus?

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do you think prometheus is jesus

I mean, he could be the exact oposite as far as character is concerned, but he does bear a resemblance.

Btw, I love the milshakes or sundaes, or however you want to call them. Beautifull.

I thought it said femrock :niceman:

He looks like Jesus, lore-wise he is somewhat like a Jesus figure, and he has a smexy beard. Yeah, probably not Jesus… :smiling_imp:

durza looking fresh

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Durza may not have any pants but that outfit is clearly the best one out of all of them :nod:

I wish I had a suit like that, well with pants of course

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ight since yall liked durza drip, might as well sketch a human durza in the full drip


Durza head cosmetic when
Durza head cosmetic when

haven’t seen anyone pointing this out so far, sooooooo im doing that first

durza and theos parfait

bottom text

me wondering how and why Durza hasn’t actually killed any of the staff and turned them into zombies yet

they need to stay alive for the group photo first


it just so happens that I am looking at this topic in a cafè shop


Durza looks absolutely amazing man, nice job

They’re all lookin’ fire

Maybe you could make Arcane themed food art?

idk much about food in general despite having ‘watches food videos’ as a hobby

but I’ll consider that later

so this is basically a picture before disaster moment ?