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Julian becoming more popular is something i never knew i needed

i used to enjoy bullying this dude, but now he’s living in my head rentfree (I have a horrible soft spot for smug characters)

he’s honestly is very cool and these headcanons just make him better (i still bully him but its out of love)


to be fair he had like 2 dialogue boxes for us to go off on

one of them belittling argos, the other threatening to kill us. There’s not much to like just from that so first instinct would be to dislike the dude.

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Yeah ngl all these replies about Julian is making me reconsider Mariam(my oc)’s whole backstory hahaha

I think the gameplay doesn’t reflect that during his quest BECAUSE we’re just going back in to get his stuff. After he turns into the “Exiled Captain”, he’s got his stuff back, so to speak he’s back in his prime.

Also yeah, I meant standstill not as in they were evenly matched, just that Julian knew that he would lose in the long run, and they just couldn’t reach a conclusion due to the circumstances. Considering how Julian’s one-hand casting matched Morden’s two-hand casting, he seemed to have the upper hand (heh).

Hopefully we get more background on what happened between Julian and Morden, if we do get the second volume of Morden’s journal. Either that or we actually see Julian ourselves and what state he was left in.

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twink morden
twink morden


This does actually lead me to my other headcanon that the one time Morden got a shot off before going down was on Julian’s face leaving him looking kinda like two face from batman

My name for the metal that the Grand Navy and other law enforcement agencies make restraints out of.
Made from sea salt and copper instead of steel.
How it works is that with copper being much more conductive than steel, and the sea salts having the same radiation that disables Curse Users. The alloy replicates the energy drain that Curse Users experience when coming into contact with sea water.

Note that hecatite doesn’t have the same stunning effect on normal wizards that sea water does on Curse Users. This is because Curse Users use their stamina to use their abilities thus the water saps their physical energy whereas hecatite (when used on a wizard) drains magical energy.

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“I’ll take magic metals for 500”
“Who is the metal Hecatie named after”
“Who is Hecate?”
Was I right or completely off?

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TheFollest is right, that’s 500 to you.

I always found it weird how little impact the Olympians had on the culture of the AU, so I go out of my way to include homages to them whenever I write fanfics. The main way I do this is expletives such as Zeus’s bolt!

Also Vetex I beg you mention Hecate at least once, please!


in ar theres an npc on redwood island in 3rd sea who would say something and you had the choice to reply ‘on god?’ like bro wth theres no god in the au they all died a while ago

Little did they know, Hades was still alive, hiding in 2 of the last handful of paragraphs in the lore doc

isn’t Poseidon still alive in the 3rd sea

at that point in the story yes
but ‘on god’ is singular and implies one god (e.g. christianity) and in the aa universe theres multiple cause its greek

This is probably my biggest problem with the Lore Doc at this point. Because it states that very few people knew of the Olympians, yet has little reference to other historical religions. If history up until 100ad was exactly the same then at the very least Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kemetism (Egyptian, which actually does have some reference in AA with Rames being a Pharaoh and a mummy, both a result of Egyptian religious practices), Hellenism (though that’s debatable due to the confusing statements regarding humanity’s knowledge of the Olympians), and several miscellaneous religions would exist, but there’s little to no reference of any of them. This implies one of two things, either that humanity up till this point was completely areligious (highly improbable due to the LC’s own phrasing,) or everyone just gave up their religions once the Hellenists were proven right. This is also unlikely as religious belief is an incredibly strong thing, that many won’t turn their backs on even when provided with empirical evidence.

So something has to have happened to these religions right? And if so what? I think the most likely answer would be wars between the religions, but I don’t think even that would wipe out all documentation of them. Over all it’s really hard to justify not having at least some justification or reference of how these practices disappeared especially if Vetex wishes to add new religions into his world.

But these are just my thoughts and Vetex is of course free to write what he wants for his world.

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it wasnt, it follows greek shit
people were created then fought each other for 1000 years in a time called the war ages
then prometheus gave people magic and then they stopped warring for a bit


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i guess im remembering old lore doc thing

Deleted my previous response, because Follest said it better.

Casts Resurrection with a 7th lvl Spell Slot (using Pathfinder 1e rules)

Tucker: Was an amputee before or very soon after the Order took him.

had a mastery over his own spirit energy to the point he was able to form a limb out of his own spirit.

Was somewhat precognizant due to his attunement to spirit energy (which now has precedent with the Oracle set introduced in the Nimbus Sea. Lore is a fair exchange for sunken… Right?) He predicted the Wrath of the Gods and planned to use it as the catalyst for the group’s escape.

Was in game terms a Warden