Were the Bosses supposed to be so hard to beat in AA?

I’ve been playing AR for awhile and I relived the feeling of trying to defeat Verdies, Sage and Theos at the “recommended levels”(the levels before the spawn point changes to the level-appropriate sea) and I really felt like I was unleveled or unpowered for those fights, especially when fighting Sage or Theos. I played AA a long while ago, but I can’t remember how difficult it was to defeat them, I only remember that it took me a long time and I was always over the recommended level.

tldr: So my question is for those AA people that still remember; How hard were the bosses for you?

they are op at any lvl, just find a way to cheese them or get a raid team

AA in a nutshell
AA in a nutshell


wdym? AR bosses are easy…


But are they accurate to their AA counterparts?

verdies isn’t actually that bad imo

Don’t get me wrong, hes annoying as shit to fight. But he isn’t on the same level of bullshit as Ramses or Angel

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fairly accurate yes

Shoot, I’m not even at that yet, I never even got to fight them in AA.
Wait, no I fought Ramses already.

uhh… Good luck

you’ll need it

They were simply kind of a mess and they generally all had at least one thing wrong with them

  • image has his unavoidable and spammable choke move, he decides if you die or not
  • Ramses has his cloak and his unavoidable giant tornado move, the only way to deal with the flinging is to go down a floor and get pushed into the ceiling
  • Verdies can heal infinitely, and as far as I know, he doesn’t have a cooldown on it. He simply decides when he wants to use it
  • Theos doesn’t really have any undodgeable move, but they are all hard to dodge and super strong. He’s just overleveled.

AA didn’t have any other required boss past theos

Theres also kraken, but kraken is a little bitch compared to the others

hopefully ao bosses are better

So there is no point in fighting angel?
I swear the inf range light beam and spam divine shower are so annoying.
And there’s the healing too.

Angel wasn’t in AA dumbass

Angel isn’t even a canon character as I know
And no, she wasn’t in AA

ok bro don’t have to be so mean

bruh what about senor prometheus

WoM is worse

He. wasn’t. in. AA.

eh… Magic/pvp-wise YES. But in terms of bullshit difficulty… Not really