What are all the potion recipes?

Is there a chart or spreadsheet I can use to see what items give which effects in potions?

Maybe there should be a recipe book in game for these things.

u can just read the item’s description to see what potion they make

but catalysts are not showing that :frowning:

Yes but I want to see the effects of reagents I don’t have

Plus backpack is annoying to find reagents if you don’t know them by heart

Here’s a collabrative spreadsheet from this forum that’s got lots :smiley: we put rarity, location, effects and all that junk

:0 this is so helpful thank you!

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anyone can edit too, there’s prob new stuff from this update that hasn’t been added yet lol

Here’s the exact same thing just not a spreadsheet
Potion Information Wiki - Game Discussion - Arcane Odyssey

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you can now just search reagent to get all the ones you have

I see

your awesome thanks!

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