What are hardest game you came across in roblox?

Plan on getting rogue lineage
Rn Its World of Magic or HOURS
(44) HOURS - Roblox
(44) World of Magic - Roblox

idk elegance i guess, maybe the trusses. IDK for sure

this or something?
(44) Elegance - Roblox


for fuck’s sake @Flare-Chan
read your fucking notifs

shadow run


Loomian legacy while I was searching for a pure nimble duskit.

If we’re not counting grinding as difficulty, I’d say rogue.

this :cold_sweat:

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My nephew is obsessed with Sans Undertale and he’s also like 5 so he forces me to play a lot of those poorly made Sans games. One day, he showed me this Sans Undertale parkour game where at the end you win some character unlock for the main game or whatever, but for some reason this was the hardest parkour game I have played yet.

Keep in mind, I’ve been playing ROBLOX for over a decade and played a lot of those parkour and obby games, but this one was mindbogglingly difficult for a kids game. It’s not impossible, I still beat it after countless tries later, but it’s shocking that this game is targeted for little kids.

I think it’s because of the gimmick of blue and orange having rulesets, there being no checkpoints, and also me being impatient was why this was difficult for me, who knows. It could just be skill issue.

yea parkour on roblox actually has an insanely high skill ceiling and people have only now really started to take advantage of it

I don’t think it was even the obstacles that was difficult. Like the obstacles were EXTREMELY basic, it was just the godforsaken rules that you have to follow. Any tiny mistake you get straight sent to the beginning.

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for once i’m fucking joyous i’m not you rn
i suffer from sansphobia and i get a mild panic attack whenever i see the funny skeleton
I hate him so much

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world of magic is hard?

i mean yeah sure pvp is pretty skill based if your ping isnt shit but

if you dont pvp against players wom is literally a baby tier game

It’s a price I have to pay in order to become the cool uncle

:fr: not that

i dont really play games with an end goal so no idea tbh

rogue lineage

rogue lineage is a great game with permadeath executed fairly well, its map looks nice, classes look cool, and progressing is kind of nice

if you don’t count in the community

rogue lineage’s community is as toxic as a nuclear downfall, which makes this testament to pain even more of such
while you’re progressing some random ultra kiddie and their boyfriends have a chance to apparate from thin air and punt you straight into the sun while spamming “ez” “trash” as though they were a hivemind
and when you go to khei fifty one apes are ready to one-shot you and spam the exact same thing so that they can live for slightly longer
not to mention the heavy concentration of exploiters ready to send you and your character into purgatory

in other words, this game’s community sucks ass which makes it exceedingly difficult

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Hardest game? Robot 64 rn


dont get rogue lineage

ive played for around 3 months and let me tell you it is the worst community ive ever seen

i wont elaborate here