What are hardest game you came across in roblox?

theres DMC as my 1st best devil may cry

Ok thats fair

BCWO is easy for me ngl, I don’t afk as much either

its really all just a luck game
if you dont get any moonstone or forb and good biomes youre screwed

I just use strategy via use of more accounts + event items

event items dont help much unless its halloween or summer, the easter event barely anyone gets good items and on christmas event… the only good thing was literally the equinox aug :sob:

don’t diss on the golden fish…

golden fish is wild ngl

but as i said, summer event

May the shards of the sea call to you

Earthbound beginnings no easy ring no save states

dmc3… :sleeper:

nothing i’ve played on roblox is hard enough for me to care listing

decaying winter

weak… 8 equinox items…

shit isnt even meta anymore anyways I think :sob:

shards of an endless sea + whatever the other summer event item was


Horror from Bannadon’s Abyss and Neco Arc set :fire:

i win fuck you die

necro arc set as well

  • golden fish + gwar gwar

get on my level nerd.

he has fumo 5 its so over :sob: