What are some cool gamepass ideas do you guys have that you would like to see ingame?

Let me know. I want your ideas :))

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Idle (and maybe m1) animation packs for fighting styles like for example: Peek-a-Boo, Southpaw, and Hitman Style animations for Boxing

  • Buy File
    less of a new one and more of a change to the pre-existing way you can get new files. As far as games with different files go I think Deepwoken does it best. You’re given like 2 slots at the start and can purchase an unlimited amount of new ones. You pay like 200 (I forgot I don’t play it) Robux for a new slot but you can always purchase a new slot. I think it’d be amazing if AO did this as well. Also technically not a gamepass but still a purchasable thing so tomato tomahto

  • Circle-less Magic
    You cast magic without the use of magic circles. It’d be an available option in the menu when creating the spell.

  • Weapon Vanity
    Change the looks of your weapon with another weapon of the same type, it keeps it’s original stats (even range, which’ll be weird) but just looks like another weapon of your choice.

  • More Customization
    If some of these options aren’t added for customization they can just be added as a GP. Stuff like more faces/mouths, heterochromia, three hairs instead of two, more colors, etc. Just all around more options

  • Pot
    A pot accessory. Can’t be traded or anything. Based off the icon and the God LetMeSoloHer.

  • Hidden Level
    With there being game options of being able to sense people’s level/power (via magic sensing and whatever strength/vitality/weapons builds get) along with a little warning sign for people really above your level, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to also include a way for a player to hide their level. Does practically nothing and would mostly just be extra flavor. It won’t hide anything about you other than the visual indicator above your head for your level.

  • Royalty
    Less of a gamepass and more of another goal for people who donate. Those who donate 50k Robux can get the “Royalty” title. Nothing major, same ole same ole

  • Blood n Gore
    Adds the removed blood and gore feature for people. I know this would never be added but doesn’t mean I don’t want to see it. I am somewhat of a fan of gore so that eye candy would really be sweet.

  • Stat Reset Potion
    Drink potion, gets stats reset so you can redistribute your stat points. One time purchase, can’t be traded, I’d just think this’d be useful if you didn’t have any at the time and you really needed it cause idk maybe you miscalculated how many points you could put into one stat like a dumbass. Vetex can profit off of dumbasses. I don’t think the existence of this should affect the rarity of the one you would probably be able to make/get in game without paying.

k that’s all I can be bothered to think about


He said it would toggleable

Thought he said he wasn’t gonna add it :fr:
well okay then

Some ideas that come to mind


Price: 25R$
Allows the user to add pupils when editing characters. These pupils can be colored. Some Pupil symbol examples are: Any magic symbol, Oval, Circle, X, Skull, Frog/ Toad Pupils, etc.

Ship Cosmetics

Price: (Varies)
Ship cosmetics are basically ship additions that do nothing, before you say “Wait, these already exist bozo”, these are similar to the battlepass in the sense that you can only buy them. Of course they probably would also be purchasable with Galleons or whatever but should also be buyable via robux or smth.

Variant Swap Scroll

Prices: 50R$
Allows you to buy a scroll that allows you to buy a one-time-use scroll that allows you to change variants. If your file has a magic that has no variants it will simply show “Not elligable”

Alternate Magic Symbols Packs

Price: 100-500 R$
Allows one to buy packs of different magic symbols, these can be swapped in a ingame menu.

Immersion Breaker

Price: 600 R$
A hidden gamepass that can only be found by scouring the Shop GUI or smth. Allows a toggle for the player to view their, and others roblox avatar instead of the ingame characters. This ofcourse wouldn’t change hitboxes or anything, just an intresting idea

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I feel as though this would kinda break the lore within the game

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it does but it’s just a vanity feature /shrug

just for those who wanna look cool or smth

It would make more sense for it to be an awakening thing :nod:

jojos animation pack


emotes 3

( I am not gonna explain what this is, niceman)

(totally not the sex update)

:slight_smile: :+1:

He’s not gonna add the extreme gore that he removed, and regular gore will be toggleable on/off

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actually he said he might, as roblox has the age filtering thing (i think, but i know he said he’ll probably add it)

not extreme gore, but something similar to the body cutting from before.

already an idea for free that you can get ingredients for from the dark sea

this too, was a f2p idea from the qna

this one was an idea for awakened magic, and vetex did say that he wants to make base magic upgradeable again.

He’s saying it’ll be paid and untradeable for the people who need it fast and are too lazy to farm for it (read the bottom of it)


well i dont think it is a good idea if there is already a f2p pot in game, as it basically turns into p2w stat reset at any time and vetex probably wouldnt want that

but muh lore!!!

i think you should just be able to change what weapons show on your back or if theyre hidden on your back, when actually holding it it should just show the weapon model

yeah this one would be good

i dont see the point of this? just means that people have to sense to see your level which is just a very very minor annoyance

yes please :grin::grin::grin:but i dont think this needs to be a gamepass

what does age filtering have anything to do with it? id like the extreme gore back but re adding it would definetely get the game a 13+ rating which would cut off a majority of roblox’s playerbase

age filtering on roblox basically just shows a rating on the games page, and in settings you can choose which ratings youre able to play

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