What are the WORST magics?

I’m considering suggesting buffs to them in the balance team server. Which magics do you think are the WORST?

I could only think of ash tbh

Wood :pensive:

wood is actually really good, it’s just that no one uses it because of how shit it looks

boxing :frpensive:

Boxing is better thermo on warlord

Really the only two i can think of that dont really have anything going for them are Ash and Wind.

magics alone would be ash, snow, and wind IMO but when combined with other stuff their isn’t really a bad magic. synergy wise shadow’s effects don’t synergize with other stuff.

Shadow is honestly meant to be like that, its got above average in every stat and can be used with any magic other than Crystal and Light.

jack of all trades, mastered with none other

ash is shit, fire’s damage with no dot and mid speed
it has some size but thats about it, maybe buff the size

there’s nothing stopping them from being used w/ either

True, its just not recommended since both Crystal and Light nerf Shadow’s damage by 1/4th or more.

your own magics don’t have negative synergies with each other

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fire conj with sunken sword is lowk scary

one of these magics combined with conjurer is honestly one of the most powerful threats I’ve ever seen.

negative synergies don’t exist when both status are applied by you

i meant ash is bad bludski

thats still with something in which yes they are good but alone they are not the best

Ash need a buff man


ash is “bad” but it’s also really not bad.

in fact, I’d actually consider ash to be on par with snow in the sense that it’s extremely good but often forgotten and overshadowed by seemingly “better” choices like magma and ice respectively, even though magma and ice have disadvantages of their own which ash or snow could overcome.

a hidden gem if you will.

it’s weird cuz statistically you’d assume it sucks but it just seems that on every build which primarily uses magic (except paladin :fr:) ash is always a menace

ash mages are notorious lag machines which can still deal hefty damage

and stuff like warlock and conj have thermo and their plethora of weapons