What are the WORST magics?

I… actually agree with everything you said. Plasma is really solid, and Fire is just. overshadowed by the most overpowered magic in the game (shadow (please nerf shadow it is still braindead op))

Fire is good in certain builds (i.e. Explosion mage for the stun) but is usually just… eh.

worst magic btw
all of this proves that poison needs a buff

@DubiousLittleTyp0 thoughts poison man?

poison is good for sustained damage on something like conjurer, because it basically removes the opponent’s regeneration for as long as you’re fighting
on it’s own it’s kinda eh, it works but it’s not that great. but with conjurer imbue you get the bleed synergy along with higher damage multiplier, so it’s great for applying a high damage long duration DoT
(until you fight a wind mage)

also there is a method to dealing with wind mage its called aggro


its crazy good

I know I sound like I’m glazing it a little but once you land a high damage ult art blast on your opponent, they start taking MASSIVE DoT which can easily be prolonged by things like surge

you’d be surprised that wind mages aren’t actually completely bulletproof and usually take a decent amount of tick damage before they can charge

My rivals got snow

Real sleeper lag magic

Not quite explosion but damn it is painful sometime

i agree with this fire needs a buff dawg :sob:

Damage reduction do not reduct your damage if you are the one to cadt both magic.