What are the WORST magics?

another one blind to the truth :pensive:

wood is a good magic y’all have no idea istg

honestly I’d argue that wood is a tiny bit better than earth with a little more speed, almost equal size, more reliable bleed, and heat synergy

also yeah wtf why is sand literally snow but worse… ig it has 5% more damage?

Sorry Nero :mariomug:
But wood just doesn’t see much use

i play fire mage (i like burning things)

hey guys what second magic should I pick for my shadow mage? I’m probably gonna run glass, but lmk if you think I should run smth different

yes run glass its a very good magic, trust

hehe pocket sand

naw wood is fire

Imma trust u for once


lightning is actually so ass this patch it needs at least a 0.2x damage buff to keep up with magics like shadow :wink:


whose side are you on smh

yours smh we need to riot against the balancers