What are you guys doing while waiting for AO?

I’ve started getting back into rogue a few weeks ago. It’s gotten really addictive. And I’m a navaran so that’s a plus.

Dying internally.

I am currently working on a Roblox game with some other people.

Aimlessly staring into space.




Everyone is.

xcept me. I’ve completely lost my mind to the point of no return and my mental state is only downhill from here.

rogue lineage rabbit hole
you cannot escape

but if you do you’ll be scarred

switching from youtube and anime all day accomplishing nothing

I’ve kind of moved on? I tried to do a DND campaign but that just kind of died. Honestly, IDK really.

Homework, Entry Point, Super Bomb Survival, WoM

Mostly waiting for my first capture card so I can attempt streaming switch games, since I basically don’t play anything that isn’t streamable or multiplayer now. Lonely at my apartment moment
Look, I spent like my whole childhood playing Nintendo games on the TV while Perf was watching and I kinda felt that when streaming totally legal emulated games on discord, I don’t even allow myself to play solo non streamable games anymore

nees to focus on school, but i do art when i’ve the time. although recently i’ve been messing around on mc with friends

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I mean I want to draw daily and improve a significant amount before tgr releases but all I’ve been doing is being lazy and getting my ass kicked in roblox aba




i’ve been playing osu a lot (chart below for reference) and as a result i essentially have a superior reaction time vs before i started playing a shit ton. i managed to jump from doing 3 star maps to 4 star maps now and i’ll probably aim to be able to do 5 star maps by the time summer comes around

character development


devil may cry 5

i think i have an addiction at this point.

also i picked up friday night funkin recently and i think the only reason i got the hang of it so quickly is because i also played osu! for like 4 years straight prior to this

hello noober :]

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this is one of my recent clips i can probably show for reference but im still gonna need gap to improve for the next few months


hello knuz :))

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