What are you looking forward to in the TGR update

I’m looking forward to it because Promethean Fire :fire_magic:

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Pretty much everything, though promethean fire won’t be there bc that’s extremely late game.

If I had to choose one thing though, it would be lost spells. Mainly bc I want to use new/different attacks lol,


Ok well Promethean isnt gonna be in game for a while but I appreciate the enthusiasm

Though this is pretty hard since I’m looking forward to everything


That and I can’t wait for the new storyline and the second magic
My plan:
Elemental: :fire_magic: :plasma_magic_var1: and :acid_magic_var1:
Lost Magic: Phoenix Magic
Primordial Magic: Promethean Fire

But chances of me getting Promethean fire are like lower than 0.000000000000001%

no more lag


Transformation spells is what I’m hyped for and yeah basically everything else


I think I might just might get a PC in like July or something so performance will be much better than on my crappy Mac

video game

da frog people and village

Anything combat related



I’m honestly hoping there’s a boss fight in the storyline

something new so i can grind that game again like i used to

I like the new map and the new effects. Also less lag and more active community so more infamyyyyy

Looking forward to it actually being COMPLETED. Yknow the first thing vetex actually FINISHES

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learning about the lore in the war seas, and seeing how the world works, the main story, and morden

mainly the grand navy, seems interesting how they function in a society filled with constant war, since tech said that they’re a lot different from the arcane government and magic council

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tgr won’t be fully completed on release, but still have enough content to keep playing for quite a bit

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Lost spell and magic revamp ( wind probably not gonna look much different tho )

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There will be at least 1 boss fight when TGR drop