What are your best/worst PvP wins/losses?

Mage Win: Sparring match with somebody who recognized me as a wiki mod for a different game ended with me landing a M1 kill with the Sword I had equipped.
Mage Loss: Thrice defeated by an Assassin Sponsor. Good PvP practice, though. Oh, and getting a lesson on why Slowness Gels are busted from an Assassin Journeyman.
Warlock Win: I don’t know. Sucking at PvP does that to you. It might’ve been a few wins against Key.
Warlock Loss: Doubled by two players when I was doing Exploration Tasks.
Conjurer Win: Defeated a Grand Navy Captain at Frostmill Island (albeit because of a bullshit Piercing Strikes I landed and using ice physics to my advantage). Ended up giving me close to 30K Bounty, I believe, because I went from roughly 130K to 160K.
Conjurer Loss: Saw a Navy Captain running in my general direction holding a Vindicator, and like an idiot, I didn’t try to escape. They also had a Slowness Gel active, which reminds me that I need to up my Brewing and Jewelcrafting on the rest of my files.
Paladin: I have never PvP’d with this file once.
Magic Savant Win: Defeated somebody trying to spawnkill me twice. Funnily enough, my animations were bugged in that server, so it looked weird.
Magic Savant Loss: Sparring matches with Key. Didn’t win at all.
Fighting Savant Win: Won against three Navy players trying to grab me. Asking me how I did that is like asking a newborn why Twitter got shortened to the 24th letter of the alphabet.
Fighting Savant Loss: Might’ve been a different team gank?

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me and flare teamed up on this massive idiot who I still remember the name of

“flight1700” will be a name to remember

yes, they were a navy member

I was at sailor’s lodge on a new file when a bed rep near my level attacked me. I grabbed them and it just so happened that they landed right above a gunpowder barrel so when I used a pillar explosion it exploded the barrel and killed them.

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With the help of some lower level people at sailor’s lodge, fought off a guy trying to hunt me.
Made use of gale nova potions to trap two people hunting me.
Used another gale nova on someone and spawned sharks to kill them.
Thought I would have enough time to open some sealed chests before an assassin cardinal reached me, they teleported behind my ship and killed me.
Most other pvp encounters I just get beaten up.

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My best win is probably the first kill I got with my light conjurer, which was only one of two I got during a multiple hour long 1v1 session at Munera when picking it up for the first time. My worst loss was when I ended up getting bodied by a wind mage and a light conjurer before update one on my first slot, which was a lightning mage. I didn’t even have pulsar, and I was killed so many times by these jackasses (who kept targeting me too when I had like 20k or 30k renown) that I was set to neutral.

i’ve never won a pvp fight outside of the OCCASIONAL munera garden w against friends

anyone actually worth their salt just decimates me, the worst of which had to be against this guy who was blowing up my ship, so i came down to fight him and he was level 60, so i started fighting him and bro actually had the meanest weave

i swear this man was champion material, i had 20 levels on him and still he fucked me up

Killed this guy 4 times on my conjurer, he was a juggernaut with 2k base hp using iron leg and boxing.

I hunted his once and he tried to hunt me back 3 times. I was also using a fire conjurer xd. Also got him from 400k to 300k fame

But… I’m a Runner of the Sea
Well I did win a few ganks, thanks to my pulsar(after 1.12)
I don’t remember the details, as usual

Magic Savant Win: One guy with 300 hours or so and 80-something player kills jumped me while I was farming Centurions at Ravenna. Managed to land several potions resulting in me getting him down to low hp. We fought for a bit more and I managed to land a grab.

Magic Savant Loss: Quite embarrassingly got jumped while doing a fairly large cargo run, Ravenna-Redwake, about 3000 galleons’ worth of cargo. I went afk for a minute and the second I came back an AS player had rammed/was shooting at my ship. The ship was already under 1000 health and he sank my ketch, then proceeded to annihilate me in seconds while I lagged out. And blud stole all my cargo along with my galleons + I lost something like 4,000 renown.

But it did teach me not to AFK during cargo runs.

Damn, I hate when people fuck with your cargo runs. Just happened to me yesterday while I was tryna level up my magma mage slot. Good thing I left before my ship sank and I got combat tagged, though I still lost like 1k galleons.

So I was having my typical day in AO
a Warlord of the Sea grabbed my poster and decided to jump my 11k bounty
I ran and then returned to the same town later (I think I asked him if he wanted a baguette, not 100% sure)
got jumped on again so I ran into the sea (he had some skill ngl)
two whales spawned
man probably got killed by the whales (or drowned)
I got credit

Basically, beat a warlord of the sea by doing pretty much 0 damage.


Imagine being this big bad warlord of the sea, and just getting swallowed like Pinocchio lmao

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Not really a win or a loss but I once got ambushed by 3 max level guys in Cernunno and miraculously escaped with the help of a water breathing potion and safely logged.

But I decided to come back and try to fight them again because I wondered if I could win against 3 people and I didn’t really care about losing that time since I had low fame, but they left once I rejoined lol.

This was during when the only potions available were water breathing potions.

Most of my “best wins” are in Munera where I win consecutively with a random duelist, and my worst losses are mostly just failed ganks and the rare 1v2 enemy ambush so nothing too dramatic.

EDIT: Oh yeah all of those were as a Mage, I only PvP as mage.

Didn’t they not know about cannon fist?

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Mage win: Defeated boxi on their warrior file when the class had braindead AoE from vindi and triasta. Had triasta, greatsword and a bronze musket.
Mage loss: fighting key in the testament of othyrs tournament.

Warlock win: defeated this one good light mage in a munera 1v1 two times. I have the clips somewhere in PvP clips megathread.

Warlock loss: I’ll let @Goopman explain these if he wants to.

I got jumped by 2 guys (One of em were just watching)

I beat one of them before both of them realized I was the wrong target (Apparently I looked similar to a guy who hunted them). It was a nice win at least, I recently used my stat reset and didn’t have all my spells set up

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never had any w’s cause I stay away from pvp and have other stuff I prefer to do but my biggest loss (on my only save(which is mage)) was when I was around level 100 and doing cargo runs, I was on a caravel with all my money at the time in cargo when I got jumped by 2 assassin ketches and they sunk my ship and killed me. I also think it’s worth mentioning I had like 4k fame.

probably whatever this is

getting greened by pris 3 times in a row AND THEN losing to him on my turf (roleplay pvp)

in terms of wins I got these