🤔 What aspects of the game need the most improvement? | Poll

Sup everyone, vote below on what stuff you agree with or leave a comment on what you think needs the most improvement. Let’s see what people think are the most pressing issues with odyssey in it’s current state.

I sourced this list from things I hear commonly none of it I necessarily agree with fyi nor is the list comprehensive

  • PVP is unbalanced
  • The game lacks fun & repeatable endgame content
  • Clans and infamy grinding needs changing in it’s current state
  • The bounty/reputation system is flawed and easily abusable
  • Grinding for levels should be reduced
  • You shouldn’t be locked out of a build for choosing certain stats
  • Treasure charts shouldn’t be removed on death

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Also feel free to suggest how to address anything here. Thanks.

MFW when one of my friends can do 800 damage with his metal mage build:


I feel like exploration tasks should give a higher % of exp when you do them so that way it’s easier to get levels using intended ways that vet has set up for us. The only real thing you can do at the endgame is optimize builds and pvp, honestly.

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to whoever voted on this

fuck you

the intended stuff for exploration and stuff are to get some exp while doing the shit you wanna do, if you want the most effective xp gain, then cargo/quests it is.

i mean, idk who expected that much endgame from an early access game that was released even earlier than supposed to. but even then i would say there’s enough to do.


game is not optimized enough

Some days I’d have a perfect 25-33 FPS, then another day my FPS shoots straight down to 10 or 7.

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i say that treasure charts being removed on death should be kept. but actually make them worth while, they are just worse than ship farming in every aspect.


i can vouch for you, i joined your game and you were so laggy that you were starting to make my game lag

out of all 7000+ languages, you chose to speak facts

the problem is the memory leak, and also vetex not doing automatic server shutdowns. dunno why he doesn’t, literally every roblox game does that. and no amount of optimization is gonna solve the problem forever.

I’d honestly prefer if the treasure charts told you where the island is so that then if you haven’t actually unlocked it yet you can just go straight to the island.

But I’m pretty sure a ton of people will clown on me for that. Oh well.

don’t worry. i will already clown you for that. :clown_face:

i assume the reason for that is so said “you’re in combat and if you will leave you lose fame and galleons” but thats just my thought

my honest opinnion

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who chose this lmao

pvp balance is a huge problem, but the game’s replayability is more important

pvp balancing is just part of the larger cycle of making the game replayable and fun

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intresting. (The bounty/reputation system is flawed and easily abusable) a side from the bounty i think gaining infamy is very hard wich u can see. both the assasins and normal ppl have both above 4million bounty while only the grand navy number #1 hasabove 4million and winning by far
everyone else is either 3million or under u gain 4k fame for killing enyone that has around 500k bounty or lower (i think) and max ive ogtten for like one of the top most assasins was 20k wich isnt even that much but considiring how hard it is it to get, it is much

correct me if im wrong

mmmmmmmmmmmm could literally just make it so that an auto shutdown doesn’t activate the combat thingy.

People who accidentally pressed +1 or +10 on any stat that they did not intend to invest into

The difference between a build with 250 of its stat and 249 of its stat is extremely large