What build are you planning on, but elaborated

this is probably the thousandth post about your planned stat builds in AO, however, this has a twist! if you are going to respond to this topic that’s been done enough times to not fit on a page, then please elaborate on what sort of combination of magic, weapons, or fighting styles you plan on having!

and if you’re gonna tell me your general stat allocation, please say the ratio of the stats, since these things change

yeah this has already been done countless times, sue me!

2023 edit: why the fuck do you people keep reviving this every few months


For my main file this is what I’m going for:

Build: Conjurer
magics: Shadow, Glass, and Lunar
Weapon types I want: Sword, Dual Swords, Rifle

(would have the highest level arcanium versions of them and maybe a legendary weapon of one of the types)

I wanna try dealing damage without synergies, so I chose magics that I can do that with

The weapon types are ones I like


Warlock with magma, ash, and Thermofist

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I’m gonna make a Zora Salazaar themed conjuror based around mostly just infusing my magic in the weapons I use (flintlocks n stuff), except my stat allocation is going to be focused more on magic than weapons, the actual magic would be fire, explosion and sun.

I think I’m gonna be spending a few weeks in aim training experiences to get my aiming skills on par, though I would say they’re ok right now, and I will definitely bounty hunt literally anyone, even a bounty of 3 galleons, since child murder!

I will be playing the countdown every time I am looking for them and i was the sun (before it was cool) when I find them

Normalize Child Murder!

My Main File
200/40 Magic/Vitality
Magics -
Arctic Ice
Spring Water
Moonlight Light (Yes I know it doesn’t work well with freeze but I don’t particularly want to use metal)
Lost (if it’s not removed) - Blizzard
Ancient (once again if not removed) - Shatter.

My main file will be a Berserker with Canon fist, Boxing, Radius Fist, Vampirism, and Crane Style

5:1 magic to vitality ratio seems somewhat of a bad idea, since at that state you get the equivalent of a hard enchant from stats, when you could be doing so much more

I might change it slightly so I put more points into magic then, what ratio would be ideal for a mage but with enough hp so I don’t instantly die the second anyone looks at me?

here’s the best ratio: 2000:0
you don’t need vitality to not die instantly, you should instead focus on balancing your gear giving you health and damage, to whatever amount you think you like more. of course, the best combo can always change, and it really depends on finding the minmax of “does this amount of vitality added and magic removed allow me to gain more overall damage with a strong enchant instead of hard?”


Mage > Pure builds > Savant > Hybrids

I don’t wanna get ahead of myself but,
Warlord: 55% strength 45% weapons
Fighting styles: Sailor fist, Thermo fist (worst synergy possible but who cares really)
Weapon types: whatever type lions haliberd is, bladed (till I get to 90 for my sunken sword), Light bladed (till I get poison tooth dagger)

Main File

Name undecided
Berserker (100% strength)
Crane Style, Thermo Fist, and Knocking Fist. Unsure about lost but probably Radius Fist and Impact fist since those are all we got (side from vampirism)

The Shield

Name undecided
Knight (50% weapons, 50% vitality, could change)
Whatever shield deals the most damage

The Sharpshooter

Name undecided
Warrior (100% weapons)
Dual flintlocks (or any superior version)
Flintlock (or any superior version)
Musket (or any superior version)

The Rockstar

Name: Jackie Jackson
Conjuror (60%~ weapons, 40%~ magic)
Explosion Magic
Lightning Magic
Sound Magic (primary form of damage)
Instrument Weapons (hopefully a guitar)

The Apocalypse

Name undecided
Mage (100% magic)
Magma Magic
Ash Magic
Explosion Magic
Apocalypse Bringer (only magic I’ll use with it)

  1. Warlock
    Magics : Shadow&Darkness
    Fighting Styles : ?&?&Vampirism
    40% Magic 60% Strenght
  2. Mage
    Magics : Shadow&Light&?&Mind&Equinox
    100% Magic

File 1: Warlock

Magic: Metal (unsure if I want metal or any certain magic)

Fighting styles: Radius Fist and/or Boxing

Stat allocation: 56% strength, 44% magic

File 2: acid magic
savant or mage, haven’t fully descided
mage stats: 100% magic (obviously)
savant stats: 34% magic 33% weapons 33% strength
fighting style: probably radius or impact


Mage 100% magic
Fire, explotion, ash
Phoenix, Scorched


Mage 100% magic
Lightning, wind, snow
Storm, blizzard

For my main ill go warlock with lightning ,thermo fist and wind also with electron magic and impact fist or radius fist

For my mage probably fire acid and ice or ash
For the lost probably blizzard magic
For my ancient apocalypse bringer or blaze magic

For my conjurer fire and acid with inferno magic

max magic because i wanna make extremely obnoxious and colossally massive ash clouds and whatever dot/aoe magic hazards i can dish out

oh and bonus for crashing myself or others because funny cloud

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