What build are you planning on, but elaborated

Ok but it’s cheaper than paying 3000 for the ketch, an extra god knows how much for cannonballs, risking all of that when you run into one too many ships, another fat stack for the cannons

You can probably do this earlier in the game and come out with quicker profits. Eventually I’ll get enough money to buy all that extra shit then I’m gonna stat reset into whatever

ok then. Btw you can lose no more than 350 galleons on death,

no? those things merely do a lot less damage to ships

Bro I probably make that much after 3 ships, and that’s generous going off of world of magic scaling

Plus if I sink the ship with my blasts and then kill them I get all the shit my sailboat can hold.

oh. hmmmm

probably a mage and beserker file, I wanna use crystal, something that works with it’s effect well, and sacrifice. as for my beserker build, I don’t really know what fighting styles exist, so I’ll see what happens there.

My first 3 file would be pure stats like full magic full wep and full fs cuz i wanna see which one of those 3 that i like most then my other slots would be mixed based on the builds that i enjoy the most

For my first and main file I’m going to go all about speed and damage, so
First Magic: Light
Potential Second Magics: Lightning, Wind, Plasma, or Fire (If paper was still real It’d be here)
First Fighting Style: Thermo Fist
Potential Second Fighting Styles: Boxing, Vampirism, Knocking fist when it comes out, and if this ever comes into the game, a lycanthropy fighting style cause werewolves are badass.
Warlock Stat path (40 in magic 40 in strength 20 in vitality)
most of my enchants will be agility based or focus heavily around agility with defense on the side or power if I feel like it.

I’d probably mainly use melee combat unless I use my magic to buff or attack at a range/quickly (I love multi-attack beam) but other than those pretty common instances mostly melee.

  1. :glass_magic:/:wind_magic_var1: Neutral Berserker/Warlock main file, will be used for treasure hunting, getting a general feel for the game, and testing the limits for hybrids (lost spells on warlock maybe)
  2. :shadow_magic: Conjurer/Mage, will be used for tryhard pvp and bounty/fame hunting, syndicate file
  3. :poison_magic_var2::plasma_magic_var2: Mage (hero) with intensity build, used for magics and lost spells
  4. :magma_magic::ash_magic: Conjurer for arcanium weapons
  5. :lightning_magic_var1:(possibly with :ice_magic_var1:) + Iron Leg Warlock, gravy file
  6. Warlord villain file with sailor fist and/or cannon fist
    oh crap how many files will there be per player without gamepasses

3 for free, 6 with gamepass

i thought it increased in ao
guess im making a bunch of alts

That would be a savant build
Edit: nvm if I just checked with a tester but it would be a warlock build.
You’d just have 200 extra hp at the cost of 2 or 3 abilities (depending on distribution)

I think it’d be warlock, it’s 40% in 2 stats

:fire: :snow_magic: :magma_magic: 100% mage
Potential second magic : Lightning , light ,
Conjurer at second slot with no magic ideia
and just it

diamond + sacrifice sounds nice with crystal

depends if diamond has color variants tho

Ice + Glass Conjurer
Crystal + Iron Leg(?) + Karate(??) Warlock
i have ideas for the remaining four slots, but i’ll probably change them when i get to them

Ill go mage :plasma_magic_var1: :explosion_magic: (and flare or other funy lost/ancient magics) and have a secondary 20% - 30% of points put into weapons for damaging people in water on my main and have different builds on other slots

butthead, I know what I’m talking about sometimes B)

have fun with your 200 extra hp and less damage and abilities :+1:

200!!! yippee!!!
I don’t really care for like 2 less abilities, so long as I have rapid beams I’m chilling