What can I do to get better at PvP?

Like the post says, I wanna get better so I don’t just become a wet noodle whenever I get into an altercation. (I literally freeze up and do not do anything.)

practice with a friend who’s at your level / slightly better than you

there’s no secret technique that will boost ur skill overnight
except uhh… the g key exists i guess

train (I can help 1v1 bec I SUCK)

Man I literally just freeze as soon as I see a guy I think I suck more :sob:

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same way you get good at anything. by putting consistent effort into the thing u wanna get good at

but it helps alot to have friends to pvp with

first and foremost is getting a good build, if your build is just random gears and items mixed together you will have no chance

when you get a good build you can start learning pvp better in munera duels

also if you want to avoid pvp, go neutral fame, no one will go looking for you

Fight people that are better than you constantly, and then experiment on what you’ve learned on people around your skill level or below your skill level.

I’ve managed to get 2300 player kills in around 190 hours(1 file) using that strategy. You can accomplish this by sneaking into the PVP parties in AOSL(although some people in there WILL gank you depending on what you say or do. so just wait your turn to fight and dont say anything to prevent getting ganked out of the arena), almost everyone in AOSL is at least above average in PVP. A few of them might even give you some tips…(but don’t count on it. some of these guys will purposefully give you the wrong advice for fun)

Do not try and get better at PVP by constantly fighting people on your level. If you ask me, getting better at the combat is like climbing a mountain, and people don’t climb mountains by walking through a path next to that mountain. If you want to just have fun without really getting a lot of growth, you can feel free to fight people on your level, but what I said still stands.

You don’t truly need a good armor set for munera duels, but it’ll be more fun than armorless duels(as a fresh PVPer). If you’ve got a pre-dark sea build, no gems but still a solid build in terms of pre dark sea, you’ll be able to do the dark sea and re enchant your pre dark sea gear with dark sea enchants.

That’s basically what I did, replaced strong with powerful and swift with brisk. Try hitching rides on your friends brig if you can’t get Jade Pearls or Clearsight potions for 0 combat Dark Sea runs. If you don’t have any friends, then do everything in your power to get into a luck party. Some people in the luck party server would willingly pay for your entrance to the party… so I guess you’ve just gotta get lucky(haha?).

Also- try to establish your main aiming method. Shiftlock or free mouse? Don’t listen to people who say you should try to master both, especially as a fresh PVPer. You’ll just progress slower.

If you use shiftlock more than free mouse, try playing FPS games whenever AO starts getting dry for you. Flag Wars is filled with 3 year olds who can’t aim, so they’ll be good practice for you if you want casual fun(but that fun doesn’t really last for so long. more like it ends the second you find a P2W player or a machinegun user). If you use free mouse, Item Asylum is actually pretty good for that kind of practice despite what you might think. It’s got a good variety of ranged weapons that are good in both shiftlock and free mouse modes, but it seems to be more free mouse friendly. Playing shiftlock in IA is like wearing earmuffs in snow season… you’re asking to get jumped.

tl;dr choose between shift lock and mouse. play games that are good for training either of those aiming modes. DO NOT TRAIN BOTH AT ONCE AS A FRESH PVPER, only do that when you deem yourself above average in PVP.

Hi lol :grin:

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I feel like an idiot asking this, but what even IS a luck party?

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Here is my training guide with just words even though a lot know about this already:

When it comes to pvp there are five types of rules to it.

  • Timing
  • Prediction
  • Aim
  • Movement
  • Build

Timing - Usually, when it comes to pvp you need to be aware that every attack you do keeps you in place for a couple of seconds or you’re playing too aggressively to the point you lose pretty much make a lot of unnecessary moves unless you know what you’re doing. Or you can just try to play passive (Doesn’t exactly work for AO)

Timing can also be used to chain moves perfectly such as projectile blast + staff ability + etc. Knowing your moveset is important.

EX: You wanted to use explosion magic, but you have no idea what the range of it is and your timing fails it, you used it too late and the enemy didn’t get hit.

Aim - Self explainatory, if you’re not good at aiming with your mouse then you’ll suffer the consequences. Recommended to use aim trainers (Very recommended to PVP in AO to gain skill).
From what I know:
Any class that isn’t magic only - Uses shiftlock most of the time
Magic Usages - Most likelly would use shift
(Realistically it depends on your type of playstyle)

Prediction - This applies to yourself and the enemy

Enemy - You should learn an enemies patterns and ways of how they fight while trying to fight them, if you know this you’ll learn the enemy and you’ll be able to beat him more often. You can also predict what type of abilities the enemy would use after [ability] → [ability} which can occur for some people

Yourself - Try and make yourself unpredictable as possible such as switching through different play-styles in battle if you have any or try to have a hard understanding playstyle. It’s very recommended to have different play-styles to confuse an enemy but can only work on some occasions.

Movement - Self explaintory, depending on how you move in battle can affect the performance of your battle, are you using it to play aggressive? Passive? Etc? Be aware stamina is a thing and magic dash is a thing, you might also want to use movement to be unpredictable and gain open-boxes on your enemy to use your abilities. Also always have your dash key on shift as it preforms and registers way better than double-pressing W.

Build - It is best to go with the build that is fit best with you, if you think you’re bad with the build you can always practice with it can become better. You may also wanna try and match up with current-AO’s best builds as everybody nowadays would totally be using insanity 2, drawback, and seconds to get the best builds in-game. If your build lacks you will suffer.

Extra notes:

  • Never do t-rules in PvP, the stat-difference when it comes to T-rules (tournament rules, aka no gear) is insane, like if you’re a mage fighting a wind-conjurer, you can bet you will die since the imbuement difference would kill you. But personally that’s my opinion, realistcally you can just use that to practice better against that build and then, probably win higher chance at more builds like light conjurer. Armorless PVP is not fun and not exactly balanced depending on [Build] vs [Build]

  • Don’t ever use the games mechanics like magic-dash to be your “parry block”, that means you’d probably be running on crutches and that wouldn’t be too skilled right? But everybody does that nowadays so ig you can do it. But It’s best to get good at parry blocking while you’re at it

  • Pay attention to energy and stamina, most pvpers from what I see die to stamina and your job is to re-place your movement with maybe travel-abilities to regenerate stamina over time.

  • You should go for an FPS unlocker, if you can get higher FPS in AO (Somehow), your character can possibly preform moves much more smoother and faster. (Learnt this while playing WoM when I first un-locked my FPS, somehow moves casted way faster than normal)

  • What Ros said: AOSL

Well that’s not very nice.