What can super-strength do that telekinesis can’t?

I say this as both are REALLY similar.

distance ?

you dont really need to touch stuffs to move them around with telekinesis

reread the question

telekinesis scares me


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Super strength allows you to take hits while telekinesis allows you to outrange
In short: super strength is for tanks and telekinesis is for dps



  • Fuck everything on your way
  • Chad look


  • Distnace
  • Distance
  • Not magic

technically speaking telekinesis isnt magic since it means “moving sht with your mind”, could some sort of psychic stuffs instead of magic :nerd_face:

eh, fair enough

Doesn’t require as much concentration and most likely comes with extra durabilty

Telekinesis pros
yeet your opponents into walls
move your opponent without touching them

Not strong since your probably the average human

Requires a lot of focus
And drains energy.Note if your the average human

This also means far attacks as well

Super strength pros

powerful as f###.
Increased durability .
Maybe increased speed.note maybe this would happen I don’t know but just maybe.

Cons requires lots of staimina .

Requires lots of focus .
Can’t control well at the beginning.
May not have a speed boost then you can’t catch your enemy.note Again THIS IS MAYBE ALR GUYS.

What bout the cons

Oh I should of spaced them out more

Its alright

nothing, absolutely nothing, super-strength is just telekinesis but with no range

isnt that just saying that a con of super-strength is that you need to be strong?

also telekinesis isnt used well in movies, if i had it irl i would use it all the time in a fight, couldnt you use it to catch your enemy at a range and use it to lift yourself and fly?

Maybe it can manipulate gravity but i am not sure

idk really