What classes are your rivals?

Mine rival - Herring is warlord.

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Savant :broken_heart:

I thought he was a water conjurer, but my third time fighting him he began using Thermo fist

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Main file: Mage, Wood Poison
Asyn file: Warrior. Axe and staff

Irwin: Warrior great sword, rapier, morning star

Winters: Warrior, Cutlass, Axe, and Dagger

Glass shadow warlock I think

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A gold and wind mage. Thank god the combination sucks I can easily farm him without struggling too much

My rival Frederick is a Warrior who uses a Wooden Club and a Stone Hammer and has not changed his weapons even though he is level 130.

Flower: A mage with ash and glass magic

I don’t remember(my only rival is on my warrior file, and I hardly ever actually play warrior nowadays)

Moreno (He’s in denial that I’m his rival)
Savant, but a really cool savant.
Sailor Style
Green ice
Idk if he’s a fighting savant or magic savant because I haven’t seen him use anything else for some reason.

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My rival, Olson, is a wind/lightning mage
Sadly her magic isn’t enough against being beaten to unconsciousness

i’ve never had a rival. the only recent time i tried to get one, the kill count reset to 0 after the 2nd kill.

Magic savant :sunglasses:

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My main file’s Rival is Marshall. Warrior with a Greathammer, Greataxe, and Axe. My Warlock’s rival is Benjamin, a Glass Magic, Sailor Style Savant with a Katana, and my Conjurer’s rival is Newman, a Mage with Toxin Poison Magic and Amethyst Crystal Magic.

gold and ice mage
he didnt read his metamancing book correctly

fire magma mage / magic-weapon-vitality savant
i have no clue (he cheats and uses ultimate art high jump and weapon skills at the same time)

juggernaut that switches fighting style everytime

Poison Shadow Mage who does a bit of damage.

Corrina’s rival, Sweeney: light-thermo savant, kinda wish he used just light and thermo because I made him my rival because he used the same combo as @SpectreTheFox (How to suppressed ping somebody?)
Only he has sunlight and not moonlight magic.

Duffy - Acid and shadow mage, used to be on Vega before I decided he should be fire iron leg

Farley - Magma-acid mage, originally Ivory’s rival but I erased her as a warlock to become a warlord
I also had her during v1.11 so yeah this rival was metamancing

Simpson - boxing warlord, I think? Can’t remember because I got her on July and rarely matched her, so I can’t really remember.
But she loved spamming devastate.
Also July is gone, I don’t really enjoy weapons.

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