What do you guys think the Schtick of the Experimental Curse that Landed on King Caesar's corpse will be?

I’m scared that it might be the Lazarus Curse. But not that scared since I don’t thing Vetex would force us to use that much RNG in order to kill a boss.

Could always be a new one we havent heard of yet

Probably, since I don’t think Lazarus guy (help I can’t remember his name) isn’t going to die any time soon

there person whop has lazarus curse is named freedock and i remember he is one of the unkowns so he is way strong than cursebeard

11 unknowns retconned

though some of the people in there are not

freedock would be more powerful than cursebeard

If the sandstorm on Blasted Rock was caused by King Caesar, then the Experimental Curae must be related to Time. Because when falling into the tornado, it has a uniqhe death description saying “Your body was lost to time.”

…Is the Time Curse canon now? :eyes:

Perhaps the life curse accidentally landed on his body causing an odd reaction however life is elemental so it wouldn’t really work

The reason the Thorne Empire fled Cassia Town has to be because of the curse landing on King Caesar. There’s no other reason that could be viable. Think about it, they had killed the enemy leader and two generals while only sustaining the loss of one general while both sides seemed to take roughly equal losses infantry wise, probably leaning to worse for Ravenna.

The Prince of Thornes was strong as fuck, the only thing that could make them fall out would be something so pants-shitingly horrifying that the PoT himself goes “holy fuck” and runs. What could that be, seeing 1. A curse falling from the battlefield what seems like enemy hands 2. Said curse reviving the leader of the opposing army and going on a fucking killing spree with it, killing without hesistation nor caring which side’s blood is spilt.

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Yeah no, cursebeard is stronger than freedrock.
Freedrock could only beat him in certain scenarios

I think the juraserva faction knows about this curse and will someday tell us. Also I think it has something to do with necromancery or insanity/atlantean curse, since it said “Mindless, and kills everyone on sight.” Which connects to akursius keep’s backstory, secret location and the skeletons inside it.

Btw, why is it named akursius keep??

its the name of the ruined base they set up after destroying winterwhatever

i vaguely remember something about a "soul/spirit/ghost magic/ that was supposed to be added to AA in form of an ancient weapon or smt

couls be the curse variant of that

The heck we would be fighting someone with that curse. We will be fighting summons then😭

he is probably mindless because he was already dead when it landed

Yeah, just saying. If it is life or resurrection curse he must not have not been mindless. And why is there a skeletons as a secret in akurius keep

Dead revived people cannot think as they are just a lifeless body able to move.
He probably attacks anything because thats what he was doing in his last moments of life.
And for akursius keep,
They are either the spirits of winterveil victims or those who died because of chaos

Same case as Fredrock I guess

Time Curse is my bet, mainly because theoretically it could have turned back the time of his body so he’s alive and just in a tornado.