What do you guys think the Schtick of the Experimental Curse that Landed on King Caesar's corpse will be?

My bad king, fr*nch is the correct term

Morrock is a A10 ARYAN WARRIOR unlike SUKUNA who was born before the invention of looksmaxxing…

Morrock one taps Sukuna even with his full heian power and mahoraga :rofl:
( :fist_right: :fire_magic: :fist_left: )

Bro died because he couldn’t fly like the majority of other Curse Users

Morrock allowed himelf to die because he knew the peacekeeper needed his sword :person_shrugging:

Then you’re allowed to be racist towards me (I’m French and British people are my natural enemy)

I believe it was able to rewind time like 2-5 seconds. There were hard limits on all of its abilities tho and it put extreme strain on the user

“Ah yes, my anti Prometheus Flame barrier technique from the Heien Sea era.”

bros my brother :sob::pray:

Ermmm actually since the promethean fire curse is white, Morock would have white eyes.

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bro is not darkshadow to be correcting me like this :sob::punch:
( :fist_right: :fire_magic: :fist_left: )

LMAO that is factual

There is a constant motif of time in blasted rock, the tornado death message, sands of time egg, howevee wasn’t time curse retconned from Online Fighting?

It could have been reworked like the other half of the lore recently. I don’t see why a curse that morphs time couldn’t be a thing, just possibly not one that manipulates it.

The fart curse, the sand tornado is being caused by his insanely massive farts lifting up all the sand around him

all my 3k+ player kills will come back to gank me

The curse itself wasn’t retconned I think, only Sond was

Vetex said that no time curse or time related magic existed in the arcane universe (he said this around 2021). Meaning that it was indeed removed after OF

What would this time curse do when in face of the goat Morrock?
Promethean Fire solos >>>

he is already dead so now he will not have two curses, just the one and its not Nero Caesar with his curse. This is most likely the body of the late Octavious Caesar who has died stated by the note of General Zaix in blood which made Octavious’ eldest son Calvus take the throne at a very young age. It’s entirely possible that he too had inherited the power of Nero’s curse but of course this does not mean he has the curse itself as curses shoot out into the sky when the curse user dies.

Averill was at a near-death state before he absorbed the Light Curse and made a new arm out of pure Light magic, Octavious may be a more unique case where a curse landed directly on his long dead corpse causing him to be brought back from the dead but become completely mindless.

despite some common knowledge on Sea Curses themselves, there might be some aspects that we might not know about.

the 2x stronger after every death might have been retconned but I don’t know even though AA had numbers to display someone’s power level Freedrock’s power is completely absurd and immeasurable as the dude does train to get stronger and the guy is currently on his 584th life right now, but his fate is currently unknown.