What do you guys think the Schtick of the Experimental Curse that Landed on King Caesar's corpse will be?

I don’t think a Dead Revival Curse even exist, I considered Dead Revival Magic be a man-made magic as Acheron is the only known person to use such dark magic.

are you like trying to say the boss is octavious because his name is literally king fucking nero

Ravenna had three kings, first is King Nero, then Octavious, then Calvus IV, your message tells me you either skipped some parts of the story or just forgot that Octavious was a king, Nero is the grandfather of Calvus and that makes Octavious his son, Nero died at some point (according to the wiki), maybe when he fought Kessler who is the former ruler of Winterveil at Manura Garden or against some unknown person of a different faction, but not the Thorne Empire. Either way Octavious took the throne and lost his life at Cassia Town (now Blasted Rock) which resulted in Calvus taking the throne at age 11 (based on what Vetex said on his QnA stream)


Nero died to a more experienced curse user

Where is that said?

No idea how they managed to capture a guy with the Apocalypse Bringer curse lmao, but they did it

the sands of time

Maybe he turned himself in.

maybe hes another fraud like Archeron who folds immediately when someone with actual skill shows up

he didn`t turn himself in, a vice admiral with a curse would have captured him

i know what happened.

it was obviously rear admiral adkins

Obviously, who else could have done that?

wait this topic is still alive

Yeah, through the power of small necropostings

Why must you torment us in this way. Why are you LIKE THIS. Are you legally obligated to be the most cryptic and secretly knowledgeable person on this forum (sarcasm by the way, you’re one of my favorite forumers)