What do you imagine being the absolute final boss fight in the AO storyline when te game is finished?

Title says all, the equivalent to Durza in AA, Vetex is gonna spend 100 more times coding this boss than General Argos.






i know we will lose but i still want to throw hands with Chaos


Typhon, the Father of Monsters. He’s an underutilized character in the Greek mythos for how powerful he really is, this guy has beaten Zeus of all people in combat before. Zeus. Granted when Zeus got his bolts he won but that’s pretty anime protagonist of him so we don’t talk about that.

That being said I’d imagine he have broke free or something during one of the global cataclysmic events but who knows, probably escaped to the War Seas to go into hiding. Not here to write about the lore of it, all I know if that this dude would be one hell of a final boss in any game. Only problem I see from this happening is Vetex prefers much more human NPCs n shit so he’d either need to be redesigned to not be literally a product of hell. I just think this dude is an underutilized asset, that’s all.

Okay thanks for coming to my ted talk about Typhon


I read the Rick Riordan books so I know what you’re talking about, and wasn’t Typhon a fucking Giants bigger than a mountain ?

His head, and I quote, “brushed the stars”. So yeah massive dude. Still there’s magic n stuff so I’m sure he could either make himself smaller or something, or again just completely redesign him.

Imagine if we must face Gaïa or Ouranos, or a divine being even older like Nyx

Or something like Tartarus ?

It’s kinda funny because the further back you go, with the major exception of Chaos, the weaker the people are. Uranus was overthrown by Cronus and Cronus was later overthrown by Zeus. Zeus was fated to be overthrown some day by his son, a product of infidelity if you believe it or not, but he went through means to prevent it. It’s also how Athena was born out of Zeus’ head but I don’t want to drag this on too much. Point is that oddly enough the children always overcome the parents in terms of power in the Greek myths (again Chaos being a major exception as this is).

The same applies to Typhon. A child of Tartarus and Gaia he’s basically like an uncle to Zeus but does get overpowered by him in the end. Granted he’s also claimed not to be a man or a God so he’s kind of just a special little occasion nor was he fathered by Uranus. K I’m just going to stop myself before dragging this on anymore, hopefully I made a point with this.


Most of the time the parents are stronger than the children, they just “cheat” Kronos drugged Ouranos, Zeus had backup killing Kronos ect …

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