What do you need for Regular rank?

I need regular again

ping mods they know

Idk if they care abt a random green face man’s rank but @Vete-

you can ask for a check up here

Check-up is much more better suited to seeing what’s happening with TL3. Especially if you’ve had it before.

But here’s Discourse’s reqs:

All it’s saying is:

  • Visit 50 days within 100 days.
  • Reply to 10 different topics outside of DM/PMs.
  • View 500 topics.
  • View 5000 Posts.
  • Receive 20 likes, give 30 likes
  • No more than 5 flagged posts/topics
  • Not be suspended/muted in the last 6 Months.

But generally speaking most reasons you lose it - assuming you didn’t do anything that got you flagged/suspended - is usually the lack of:

  • Giving likes
  • Receiving likes
  • General forum visiting. (Viewing topics/posts, replying, etc. )

I lost it bec I flagged too much :skull:

That was a moderator action because TL3 gives you an increased flagging capacity and you misused it according to Cryo :sleeping:

I don’t think I can get it… I got banned lol

ok but he also-

nah wait I can’t say that