What do you think the best magic for pvp is?

Personally, I think magics like magma, paper and lightning are one of the best for pvp due to their stats and abilities, but im up for debate. If there is any magic you personally prefer, please write it in the comments.

– defending paper since I know its a bit controversial

Paper has one of the most well rounded stats, (besides clash of course) and can deal some of the most damage in the game for being a high speed magic. The bleed is extremely good for comboing with other players and when second magics come out, yourself.

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I think any of the fast magics with DoT are good.

I think it’s concluded that Plasma and Glass are currently the meta magics.

Glass is A tier but definitely not meta, I’d put paper, Fire, or plasma as best magic

I disagree with glass. I did a more in-depth explanation on this post. (https://forum.worldofmagic.dev/t/paper-or-glass/24483/8)

Glass panes deal damage lol. That’s the main point of glass.

Glass panes are not a factor in pvp; they can be useful but will not alter a fight.

Lol what? So poison clouds aren’t effective?

Bruh, as a superior glass user, I can 100% say panes will not affect the match as much as speed

No? Glass panes are a lot less practical than smoke, they have much less AOE and deal a lot less damage.

You guys are all tripping. Getting the extra damage now and there is op. DoT matters.

Poison clouds have much more range than a tiny little pane of glass on the ground, and they barely hurt. Glass is an inferior paper hands down.

This man says DoT matters after every suggestion I made other than paper which has same dmg as glass, has more DoT

10 damage from glass panes does not outclass the additional 0.4x speed paper offers lol. Paper and glass are equal in dot and damage.

Placed explosion panes are useful. If someone’s on the ground and you explode or beam them, you’ll almost always get 2 ticks of DoT in.

It does like 17 for me, but I agree

Placed explosions are shit

Just counter with a blast

1 high jump and the glass panes are all rendered useless…

Your logic is so wack. What do you mean they are equal in DoT? I just said glass has panes that deal damage.