What do you think the game is Lacking rn?

Could be a cool quest

Hoping vetex let’s siege weapons actually siege

I would like it if in the future story line, we are actually an incarnation of prometheus lol

Honestly? I want a fishing revamp since its impossible to catch anything on lags

this isn’t that big of a deal, but I think the game currently lacks memorable (and good) music. Up until now, the only themes I didn’t mind listening to over and over in-game are the atlantean’s and Elius’, the rest are either lackluster or bad/annoying.

back in the AA days, we only had BANGER AFTER BANGER. Ramses, Verdies, Theos, Averill, Trigno and Kraken all had excellent music accompanying their fights, even islands and places like Savaria, the Borealis Shipwreck, Cerulea, the third sea and Alalea had themes that fit them perfectly. (I could name even more examples, but I’ll stop here)

I imagine this was caused by roblox becoming very mainstream and copyright issues, but still doesn’t change the fact that AA had much better music than AO currently does


i fw argos’ and calvus’ music big time, they are epic and fit the nature of their bosses well

The only themes from AR that I can remember are Savaria (which might kickstart a Wild Arms obsession soon), Sabura (because I’VE HAD TO HEAR IT CONSTANTLY), and the Second Sea theme. I remember a lot more music from WoM than AR and AO combined, or at least the same amount.

this is only tangentially related but do you think theos was a well-designed boss

From the footage I’ve seen of him, not really

oh wrong answer sorry :\

I mean even WoM music was at least memorable.

That’s true. I was hoping it could get expanded to a level similar to how it was in AA, like Redwake, Shell Island, and Palo Town all having their own unique weapons too, even if it meant more reskins. But I guess most people probably wouldn’t care about stuff like that.