What do you think the next boss for each rep will be?

I’m hoping that the boss that good reps fight will be a extremely dangerous escaped criminal, and the boss that bad reps fight will be the warden that was supposed to be watching over him.

stop pinging in hub


silence, simp

a guy with cool boss drops


stop pinging in hub


A person who can give me money

a more harder boss I guess I don’t fucking know

maybe it with be the ones that will teach you how to unlock your second mind, either the opposite rep counterparts, or they will do the arena boss thing (kinda like what theos had done)

For the hero path, there could be a leader of an evil guild thats really big or an infamous thief that can’t use magic but is extremely skilled with using weapons, or maybe one of the old gods is back for revenge

For the evil path, it could be a very powerful hero, or a rival guild leader, or just the peacekeeper himself

I think the next boss is gonna be the two people mentioned at the end of each prologue


I agree

1st bad rep boss - some guy with a sword
2nd bad rep boss - the person who raised the entire continent you have and will live your life on, one of the most powerful entities in the universe (and beyond?)

For late game, the first and second boss I mentioned could be the boss after you get decently far into the story, the last boss could be somewhere near the end, like a final boss of sorts

For both reps btw

pretty sure it was confirmed we wont fight the peacekeeper

How about the curse wielders like Tringo or John?

I guess that’s more possible since they started the MC but I also doubt that

ah yes my boi t r i n g o

yeah I could see them being bosses

but I think they’ll 100% be added to the game at some point

Aren’t both paths gonna overlap at one point? I can see the same boss being applied for both storylines in the future

it’s confirmed that we will be able to fight the peacekeeper.
He just isn’t going to be a storyline boss

the next boss is going to be a magic boss most likely