What does everyone think of my build?

Hello what does everyone think of my build for my main file, I’m hoping intensity will end up increasing attack cooldown speed cause that will make intensity do what I originally intended for this build to do, also I’m a dodging type of player so I usually abuse my speed to get out of attacks and then hit the person I’m fighting with a fast attack then get out the way again, plus if intensity ends up increasing cooldown speeds then I feel this build will be way more better than before but what do you guys think, I know it doesn’t have a lot of power but my goal is to mainly outlast my opponent by avoiding the hits

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10/10. Why? I just wish every build was like this so there was no such thing as “meta”…


Yeah I’ll admit my build gets stuffed over by people abusing aoe attacks lol, a few days ago I got jumped by 3 aoe guys tbh I probably should of just ran but I was on water I did somehow dodge a ton of their attacks says a lot about the AOE abusers lol :joy:

I’ve never been one to want to make a broken build as well tbh, I’ve just always wanted to make builds I find fun using lol. Unfortunately I get punished by pvp because of it lol :laughing:


not enough insanity

I guess I don’t need to travel the dark sea anymore lol :laughing:

I have a feeling most people think it’s trash. Lol all good though I don’t intend on changing it anyways, I enjoy this build too much lol :laughing:

I mostly just wanted to see everyones thoughts on it lol

this build is garbage, I love it, keep cooking

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I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or if your genuinely rooting for me to use the non meta lol

Also totally didn’t make this build with the intention of abusing agility attack speed and the future intensity change lol :sunglasses:

Its all over the place…
i love it.

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I love that everyone says it’s bad but also loves it, makes me feel good for not using the meta lol :rofl:, yeah I’ve preferred to use a decent amount of all the stats I use more than the other, unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to get these stats but also power but then I decided, I usually dodge a bunch anyways so I thought I don’t really need power just fights will take a little longer cause I chose defense over power

better off pouring attack size and intensity back into agility and attack speed

Don’t run intensity. It is literally the worst stat in the game.

Also where is three power coming from?

I’m running intensity with the intention it will get the cool down speed status that vetex plans to make it, originally I thought attack speed did that but now that I learnt intensity will eventually be changed to that that is my goal


Not a big difference, so probably scrap it and add it to some stat ur actually focusing

Also, what class are you?