What does everyone think of my build?

I mean, you do you, I’d just prefer to have a bit more defense and power. As most fights (especially in PVE) come down to you being able to take more hits than your opponent.

No I’m savant, but warlock can easily work for it as well

The build of the future

okay lets break it down

power: why do you only have 3? dont you wanna deal more damage?

defense: why is it so low? how do you tank calvus’ 500 damage shots?

attack size: okay this is decent, albeit what on the higher side

intensity: im an intensity supporter, but even i think you dont need that much, shed some intensity (~20-30) and invest into power

attack speed: same with attack size

agility: jesus fucking christ, what the fuck is this unholy amount, now i get how you tank calvus’s 500’s; you dont

armor piercing: imo AP is just worse power since npc’s dont have defense, also runner builds typically dont have defense so go invest into power…
…hold on, you ARE a runner! that explains why your agility is higher than your defense!

resistance: you have attack speed, you basically have no endlag or windup, why do you need this?

time for substats
air capacity: where’s auric seaweed’s 10%
attack destruction: where’s thornflower’s 10%
attack knockback: where’s aeroplast’s 10%
climbing speed: seems like you invested alot into this (how many lunar moss did you waste??), how about you invest some into 10% luminous coral and 5% stormsalt?
energy regeneration: you wasted at most 10 coppershroom and got unlucky, now get luck IV pots and get the perfect 5% energy recharge regeneration

conclusion: you have alot of work to do, but i believe in you!


at the very least, get perfect jewel substats with luck IV, that only gives benefits and doesnt take anything away

edit 2: may i see your armor build on Gear Builder (the one youre using in game/the image)? not to clown on you or anything, just gimme the build code (would be easier instead of making images), i could improve on it without taking away stuff (modifiers, T2 enchants, exotic jewels, etc)

I just realized but with intensity’s planned rework I wonder how horrifying it’ll be go against intensity/atkspeed/power maxxers

it’ll be somewhat balanced out by the fact that using drawback with that setup is basically a death sentence since spamming abilities will kill you, so you’re inherently getting less stats since you can’t use something like vatrachos to boost power

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