What does your slots sound like?

Basically what type of voice do your characters have?

My main slot is Fang, others were just testing ice and snow magic.

I’m not sure what Fang sounds like, though he’s in his early 20s

Meh. My main slot has an irish french accent.

they dont

no one in wom/ao has a voice you see and everyone communicates through text

Basically try and imagine my slot saying his name

He pronounces it as Per civ ail bair dion

I have to change Fang’s ENTIRE FLIPPIN’ LORE for TGR ;-;

Not sure if his voice or age will change because of it.

My character is literally just me going through the world, jesus christ

that sentence hurt to read

oh boy, 9 slots rapid-fire GO!
Abselam Cutlass is either mute or talks like his vocal cords are made out of string cheese (wow so edgy am I right). Frankie Marble has a basic white girl voice bc she is a basic white girl. Leslie Anchor is a squeaker. Coraline Barion has a butch lesbian voice. Margot Ketch has a valley girl accent. Remus Banks is a smoker. Anderson Gates has a Swedish accent bc funny his name is Anderson. Icarus Ketch, I imagine talks/screams like MC Ride the lead singer of Death Grips. Lane Marble makes car noises and drunkenly screams at people.

yours sounds like a femboy lmao




Ash Man is what I imagine my voice would be
Poison Gorl is Belle Delphine nuff said
Gold Edgy Man is well your average anime boy voice where he gets shipped with the most incompatible person ever
Ice Gorl is Pokimane nuff said
and 2 Irrevelant Speedrun files

Noire Ketch pretty much has a soprano voice despite being a male. Pretty much I make my characters in contrast to myself most of the time.


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eh? why?

My character barely talks but when he does he almost has a deep, soft whisper

I actually have a voice for my other two files as well

My water file sounds like alot like obito

My shadow file sounds like a mixture of sonic and shadow