What effects do you think insanity effect will do?

Insanity will be a cool effect, but currently we can only speculate on how it will work in game.

With how roblox works you can make things that are only local to a player, this allows really creative ways of making the insanity effect really good.

Examples would be local npcs that attack you and you think you are getting damaged but in reality you are fighting nothing, illusion buildings in the distance that as you get closer they vanish, chests that are an illusions, shadowy npcs appearing and disappearing in the forest, ect…

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All I think of is blindness I guess and some illusions like you said. But yeah, it will be a cool effect

Well, first I can think of is the regular ol’ blinding and ringing noises, then possibly stuff like hallucinations around you and edgy text showing up just like durendal in AA, pretty much all I can think of.

i think it will actually change the game to adventure story


I thought it would be cool you’re fighting someone and you see visions that mess you up like the NPCs only you see and they start charging toward you and then your friends start calling you crazy cause you’re swinging your sword at the air

dst type stuff maybe?

Your HIGH and doing things randomly.
I mean, I know for now it affects the screen only, but imagine your friend character looking drunk and walking with their magic a bit out of control based on the amount of insanity

random attack spells get used at random times but with less power than their actual attack

minor illusions like eyes or sharp teeth grins in the dark and noises. probably some minor screen shaking and head twitching on the player model

imagine having a full Instanity build + cooking system.
Eating shroom soup and rping in middle of forest x’D

I think the first thing vetex will add before insanity is mental asylum, once you lose sanity you’ll be sent to one of those sanity rooms and left serve asylum time.

I actually kinda like this idea. . . :flushed:

And of course, i will make a suggestion about insanity asylum when i get lvl 2

I think everything will fade to white and then suddenly…“Hey you, you’re finally awake”

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i dunno, insanity is a decent price to pay for a free copy of skyrim for the 17th time

then you will wake up in a pillowed room in insane asylum for chidlren

i mean i could definitely imagine hallucinations and random sight loss since thats whats already stated
but i could also imagine whispers which increase in volume according to your insanity stat, music distortion, face expression change, maybe even real npc’s could get scared of you?

uh your damage numbers arent true
you think your destroying people but you arent
your screen will be distorted

what is this a reference to

Everything could randomly turn dark then you could have to fight a boss or something idk