What equinox magic should be like

insert something invisible or just nothing because we cant see it

like i mean actually
dark makes it black
light makes it white
it wont be grey because not actual colours mixing

it should be invisible cuz reasons

Making it invisible sounds imbalanced to me considering that it would already deal significant damage imo

Gray would imply a stable solution but Equinox is supposed to be highly volatile and unstable so having a constantly-moving black/white mixture is much more suiting of it


a more compact but still unstable version of the light and shadow clash effect would make sense

Here’s a different game’s interpretation of it.

Honestly I really like it the concept of it being a constant shift back and forth from darkness to light. There’s also @ LittleShrekSheep 's interpretation of it:

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Idk, the soft shifting + outline doesn’t have that sort of unstable feel to it imo


It needs a more violent pulsing effect along with some sort of light and darkness tendrils similar to that of a lightning blast as it looks a bit friendly for this magic.

Although not too quickly to the point it can cause people some problems.

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Yeah exactly what I pictured.

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But wait what kind of effect will equinox give? A mixture of blinded and darkness’s loss of color vision? Or an entirely new effect.

I’m hoping a new effect

New status effect called Imbalanced maybe? It could just make your screen go all haywire to represent your character’s sense of equilibrium being thrown off

oreo magic


who wants to bet this guy is in the discord server

What game is that? Or is that the AR Test Universe, and if so then how do you get it?

It’s the Magic and Curses game. Noncanon (which is why I said interpretation)
Magics and Curses - Roblox

i like this

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I like thinking that equinox’s effect would be called “Imbalance” and would boost the damage of light and shadow magic

Yes i necrobumped, fight me

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