What games free games are good on Steam?

Title says it all!
(full sentence)

Soda Dungeon is a favorite of mine for when I want to turn off my brain. Apex Legends is actually very fun too! Neverwinter Online is pretty good, but biased towards group PvE, and Team Fortress 2 is also fun!

Finally, Destiny 2 is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played. I mean that, truly a peak game.

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indigo park is free on steam, it’s a horror game that takes place in an old disneyworld-like theme park

Ive seen it on youtube lol

Everything is free if you pirate.

Pirated games often have viruses

I am not installing 20 antiviruses

The only people who end up downloading viruses are the stupid computer illiterate ones who can’t check files. So you’ll be fine, you just need to find the right place to download them.

the finals and warframe

destiny 2 is fucking amazing if you like “free” games

you’ll loose all your money making the game playable with dlcs

I think I’ve seen at least two other topics about people looking for good (free) games.

Some other stuff is:

  • Frog Fractions
  • 100 [theme] Cats (a series of games on steam, also a lot of similar games some of which are paid)
  • Swallow the Sea (I heard that Perfect Vermin from the same dev is also good (I like their games))
  • Haven’t played this, but Baldi’s Basics is free on steam so I guess that’s something

Should I download genshin impact

And no im not weird anime girlies are disguting

uhh it has yakuza-level amount of side content and random stuff
and its a daily/weekly type game, so you gotta log in daily for efficency (if you care)

other than that its actually pretty chill ngl, story is decent, graphics arent mid, grind isnt too bad if you ration your items, plenty of exploration and stuff

tried, not my thing, tbh but dunno for you

if you like fast paced combat you can try wuthering waves

hes saying this cos he installed genshin last night LMAO

fallout shelter

Not a steam game but

Wuthering waves

Fps chess

i love fps chess