What guild do you hate most? And why?

What guild do you hate most? And why? Make sure to explain why you hate them!

All guilds, they all suck

Also inb4 another doge argument happens


I don’t hate any guilds.

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First hand knowledge :muscle:


Doge is bad.

I dont like them.


I mean they ruined tournaments, and one of there guys killed me while I was doing a 20 blast to the exilled

(Clapped him later though)

who did that? can i get the user?


No fucking clue this was a month ago. He was a wind user and thats all I remember.

(Also I -10ed him ez)

ok cool

Crimson Crescent. No I will not elaborate

Doge nation is scary
I’m scared

Why would I be scared :yawning_face:

BEcause why not?

Ok well I dont want to be

Idk really probably doge nation the other guilds are chill

Im pretty sure youre talking about chillyphilly, he was an og who is still in dn for some reason, im going to purge some of our bad members now actually

Epic :+1: