What guild should i join lol

Im decent at pvp as said by 6 people i fought lol

i have max wizard gear pretty much

strong oath and heavy wall of trump no sunken tho

and im a okayish friend

They are a great community filled with fun people who love to do everything from fighting in PvPs to just having fun

join the pee guild

how do i join suncry tho

Sorry for the late reply, you could dm @Jasono17 and ask him

not spellbreakers, you will be clowned on

:flushed: Let’s go

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Yo, join Spellbreakers!


nah im good, how bout the number 2 guild

(heh heh)

Lol my guild is pretty chilled out, nothing else.

But we can’t because they closed the recruitments

I would have joined because they understand what fun is.

whatever you do, join suncry

They sound cool tho

Considering they did a literal wedding video, maybe a meme? The anti mask part

eh, people have opinions

I quit the server because I just dont feel like I want to be in a server where my life is concidered worthless just because of a handicap ive got which makes me be in the risk-group

I don’t mind if anyone say anything to me either

And I need training

because i suck